Becky Lawson

mCommerce spend is on the increase

Recent research has revealed that the value of mCommerce transactions has increased sharply in the past 12 months.

The UK based survey, undertaken by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), found that the amount consumers were spending per transaction on mCommerce transactions has increased on average by £5.29, a rise of 43.3% to £17.49.

The results also highlighted a change in the reasons why consumers choose to use mCommerce. It was revealed that more consumers are seeing it as the easiest way to shop for goods and services, with 42% agreeing to this statement. This is in contrast to the previous year, when the majority of consumers stated that they used mCommerce because they see it as an ‘experiment’.

Interestingly even though the barriers to using mCommerce in 2011 remained much the same as in 2010 for consumers the feeling that mobile internet is ‘too expensive’ has reduced by 16% and the preference for PC over mobile has declined by 7%.

The research highlighted the preference for eCommerce websites, with 40% choosing to go online to a brands site to buy a product, compared to just 17% preferring an app. Furthermore, consumers appear to spend more on sites, as the average transaction was £20.77 compared to just £13.15 via an app.

Alex Kozloff, senior mobile manager at IAB said “It has been interesting to see from this study that the same people who were using M-Commerce a year ago continue to use it in 2011- but this time are spending significantly bigger amounts on their mobile phone. Furthermore, there is clearly a consumer appetite to use M-Commerce in store, so it will be fascinating to see consumer adoption of NFC as the technology becomes more commonplace in the UK.”

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