Becky Lawson

mCommerce on the up

According to the recent research published this week, smart phone users are choosing to do their online shopping using handheld devices mobile phones. More customers are preferring to use their iPhone and Android apps to make purchases online instead of hitting the high street.

This means good news for online retailers, with less shopping restrictions, stores can make for a more convenient shopping experience with 24 hour shopping and more stock availability.

Research group eDigitalResearch have reported their findings, saying that with more people purchasing smart phones, mCommerce has increased, with 20% of smart phone owners accessing their mCommerce apps and services everyday to make their purchases.

It is anticipated that the figures will increase even further, with smart phones becoming a must have accessory for modern life. It seems mCommerce is paving the way for retail success.

With these findings more consumers are expecting online retailers to already have existing apps. Customers are being left disappointed when their chosen store doesn’t have such service available, resulting in those stores that do have the service achieving higher sales than those who don’t.

Large retailers are starting to notice this change in shopping habits and more services and apps are being added everyday so online stores can get the most out if this innovative new way of shopping.

At Visualsoft we have a range of eCommerce and mCommerce solutions available for your business. With the above research highlighting the importance of mCommerce, now is the time to invest in an effective mCommerce solution. To find out more, contact us today.

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