Becky Lawson

Marketing trends for 2011 revealed

LinkShare has released the results of industry research surveying marketing professionals on their expectations for the year ahead.

The affiliate network revealed that almost half of marketers believe mobile will be a major area of growth in the coming year and will lead the way in digital marketing spending on affiliate networks. The results also stated that marketers are beginning to pay more attention to mobile platforms with 45% of respondents indicating mobile marketing and apps are a major growth area in 2011. In a sign of the ongoing strength of the online advertising sector, a third are planning to continue investments in affiliate marketing.

Liane Dietrich, MD at LinkShare UK, comments ‘For marketers looking to increase their brands’ market share and continue to make a strong impression in the boardroom, there needs to be continued focus on the needs of the individual consumer. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by implementing an affiliate marketing campaign. As a measurable approach, it is an excellent tool for marketers looking to tailor and maximise the ROI on campaigns and we for one will continue to sing the praises and ensure it remains high on the agenda of every marketers’ digital strategy next year.’

Other forms of online advertising were also regarded in the research findings, such as investments in ads on personal social networks, online video advertising and sponsored search engine links.

Dietrich continues, “The research paints a very positive picture for the marketing industry in 2011. The marketing sector is on the cusp of entering a new phase of growth with mobile marketing and investment in apps set to lead the way.

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