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Prepare your website for a slightly different Father's Day

Father’s Day is fast-approaching (21st June, if anyone needed a reminder!), however, there’s plenty of time to prepare your website and marketing strategies ready for the big day.

This year Father’s Day is expected to be different from any other. As it is uncertain how long lockdown will remain in place, the UK may still be prohibited from visiting loved ones (unless you currently live with them). However, as proven on Mother’s Day, the UK learned to adapt and simply celebrated a little differently this year - the best course of action is to prepare for any scenario.

Here are a few of our top tips to optimise your website for Father’s Day this year!

1. Utilise and segment your current database

Now is the best time to utilise your remarketing database to reach out to people that have previously bought from you or interacted with your brand, as returning users are more likely to make a purchase. Segmenting your database into Dads and their kids will also mean you can tailor your communications more effectively. Consider your first point of interaction in your Father’s Day campaign as a ‘reminder’ to your consumers, and to offer some incredible gift ideas for Dad in 2020. This is likely to be more beneficial than ever this year, with the lockdown meaning that people who no longer live in the parental home, unfortunately, can not visit this year.

2. Seek user-generated content stories for your social media

User-generated content is an incredibly effective and natural way to promote your business. A fantastic idea for Father’s Day this year is to get your customers involved remotely through video clips and telling their own stories of why their Dad deserves to win what you are offering. Not only does this generate promotion for your company but it also will boost morale for the parents dealing with this ‘new world’ of being at home with the kids and makes people feel involved and connected during this challenging time of social distancing. Video content is also consumed now more than ever with more people working from home or furloughed.

3. Offer eVouchers or ‘lockdown bundles’ for Dad

Especially if Dad is not used to being at home 24/7 with the kids, a lockdown hamper for Father’s Day could be just what he needs as a mini ‘escape’! Now is the time to think outside the box. Whatever your industry, there will be something for every Dad out there. If you’re in the food industry, a hamper of ‘essential’ treats and beers could be just what Dad needs - a lockdown bundle of joggers, slippers and PJs could go down a treat in the clothing sector or if you sell entertainment items or technology a box set, a new PlayStation game or updated console could be just what he’s been seeking. If all else fails, eVouchers or online gift cards so Dad can buy exactly what he wants are a fail-safe!

4. Offer discounts and free delivery to encourage people to stay indoors

Initially, consumers were seen to cut back slightly on their non-essential shopping, but spending has already started to regain traction. In uncertain times, providing discounts on Father’s Day items could be the difference between a purchase or not. The offer of free delivery will also be incredibly beneficial in the current climate, encouraging people to stay indoors and comply with the Government guidelines wherever possible, by delivering their gift straight to the door.

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