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Making Waves In The Affiliate Industry: TopCashback

Our Publisher Performance Manager, Callum Ridley, is excited to bring you the latest instalment of our “Making Waves” blog series. Our ongoing series highlights innovative and exciting publishers that are making waves in the affiliate industry. This instalment focuses on TopCashback, one of the leading cashback publishers in the UK.

What Is Cashback And Who Are TopCashback?

Cashback publishers take the commission awarded to them by an advertiser and offer it as an incentive to customers, whether in the form of cashback, charitable donations or redeemable ‘reward’ points. These publishers offer advertisers an alternative to direct discounting, and provide a platform on which to compete online. Typically advertisers offer a base rate year-round, paired with short term increases and exclusives, whether sitewide or brand/category specific.

TopCashback is one of the leading cashback publishers in the UK, working with more than 5,350 retailers such as Tesco, Nike, NET-A-PORTER and Expedia. They have a database of over 11 million members globally, who visit the TopCashback site or app on a regular basis. TopCashback work closely with affiliate networks, agencies and retailers to offer their members the best cashback offers, which is just one of the ways in which they maintain the title of the UK’s most generous cashback site.

TopCashback have also partnered with more than 50 retailers and payment providers to offer additional benefits for their members when receiving their payout. For example, Virgin Experience Days add an additional 25% bonus, when you choose to receive a Virgin Gift Card as a payout.

Our Partnership:

We’ve been working with TopCashback, since we launched our Affiliate Marketing service in 2012. As our team and service grew, so did our partnership with TopCashback. We now manage over 60 affiliate programmes that TopCashback are active on and this number is always growing. We have ran many successful campaigns that TopCashback has been influential in, whether that be affiliate channel specific or campaigns such as new season launches.

“The team at TopCashback have a great relationship with Visualsoft and their clients have found placements like our category feature really good value. They are a great bunch to work with and we look forward to many more long and successful years ahead together.” - James Little, Group Commercial Director at TopCashback.

Looking back over Q4 2018, we saw an increase in revenue of 57% generated across all of our retailers, when comparing October and November. This was due to increased levels of traffic going to TopCashback over key times such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, in addition to increased cashback rates and promotions from our retailers. We have already seen further increases in performance this year, so we are excited to see what more is to come from our partnership with TopCashback.

How To Work With Them:

TopCashback work on a performance model (Cost Per Acquisition), with retailers awarding a commission for each approved sale generated. This commission is then offered as cashback to the customer which is handled by TopCashback.

The level of cashback (commission) offered through TopCashback is decided by the retailer and can be set on different parameters such as: Full price and Sale, New and Existing Customers, Categories, Brands and Basket Value.

To increase performance and presence through TopCashback, additional exposure can be agreed on a tenancy basis or revenue share model. Retailers can take advantage of a number of different opportunities, including: Homepage Exposure, Newsletter Inclusions, Deals Page Listing, and Social Pushes.

What Is Coming In The Future For TopCashback?

We asked Partnerships Executive, Darren Garrod, what was coming in the future for TopCashback:

“We work via a simple strategy, Fair Play, which means that we work with all partners fairly and equally. As a result, we have numerous opportunities available for advertisers of all sizes to allow them to best position their brand in front of our members. However, we don’t rest on our laurels and are always looking at new ways in which we can continue to innovate with our partners, so watch this space! Please do get in touch with a member of the TopCashback team if innovation is on your 2019 roadmap!”

If you don’t have an Affiliate Programme but are interested in working with TopCashback and other publishers like them, get in touch! We would be more than happy to discuss Affiliate Management in more detail, simply contact our team direct on 01642 988 416 or via our contact form.


Alternatively, if you’re a publisher and would like to know more about Visualsoft Affiliates and our portfolio of clients, contact our Publisher Performance Manager, Callum Ridley, via callum.ridley@visualsoftaffiliates.co.uk or publishers@visualsoftaffiliates.co.uk.

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