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Making Waves In The Affiliate Industry: Love The Sales

We’re launching a new and ongoing blog series, “Making Waves”, in which our Publisher Performance Manager, Callum Ridley, will highlight innovative and exciting publishers that are making waves in the affiliate industry.

We’re kicking off with a spotlight on Love the Sales...

Who Are Love The Sales?

Launched in 2013, LovetheSales.com is an innovative publisher in the affiliate space which has grown to become one of the leading destinations for shopping the sales online. As an aggregator, they use machine-learning to scrape products from 100’s of retailers worldwide and sort them into categories that you can shop with ease. The main focus is on sales, however, it’s also possible to ‘favourite’ full price items and get alerted as soon as they go on sale.

In 2017, Love The Sales had over 1.7 million shoppers on the site - in 2018 they were on track to see over 3 million. The Love The Sales team have received many awards and nominations since launching, with one of the most recent wins being named Tech Platform of the Year (2018), in addition to being ranked 17 in Startups 100.

Love The Sales also offer retailers the opportunity to run a sale, without having to show the sale on their own site. This works well for high-end retailers that don’t want to show last season stock on site, yet want to sell the stock at a reduced price. This can also work well for preview sales, before the full sale goes live on the retailer's website.

Our Partnership:

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting publishers that are going to add value and help achieve goals and objectives for our client's affiliate programmes. So when we were introduced to Love The Sales, we knew they would make a great addition to our publisher portfolio.

We started working with Love The Sales in 2016 and have seen continual growth in performance since. Through our partnership, Love The Sales have been able to add over 500,000 additional products to the site, increasing the product range offered to Love The Sales users, which is crucial for a large aggregator.

Over the Black Friday period, we saw exceptional performance increases for our clients, leading to over 9% of all conversions through Love The Sales coming from Visualsoft. This high level of performance continued with many clients going into Winter Sale, ahead of the Christmas period.

Stuart McClure, Founder and CMO of Love The Sales said:

"We've achieved some phenomenal growth since working with Visualsoft. Their retailer network is really impressive and they have given us access to some of the best up and coming retailers in the UK.

As an aggregator of discounts, LovetheSales.com needs to have a really wide breadth of retailers and brands, working with the Visualsoft team to onboard their retailers has given us a much wider catalogue of products to promote.

One of the benefits of working with the team is their knowledge of the industry. Because the Visualsoft business is not just an affiliate platform, they have a much wider understanding of every facet of retail."

How To Work With Them:

Love The Sales work on a performance model (CPA) through the affiliate channel, with the retailers awarding commission for each approved conversion. The level of commission will be decided between both parties, before integration. Love The Sales will utilise the retailers feed, in addition to them scraping the retailer's site, to ensure product information is up to date.

Love The Sales also offer additional exposure on a tenancy basis, this is to help increase performance and brand presence. Retailers can take advantage of; homepage exposure, product & sale boosting, newsletters, promo bar and inclusion in the navigation.

Looking Ahead To 2019:

As a team, we are really excited for 2019, to see further performance increases through our partnership with Love The Sales. Love The Sales have big plans to grow their user base - for example, a tube advertisement campaign which went live this month. We strongly advise that Q1 2019 would be the perfect time to start working with them if you’re not already!

If you don’t have an Affiliate Programme but are interested in working with Love The Sales and other publishers like them, get in touch! We would be more than happy to discuss Affiliate Management in more detail, simply contact our team direct on 01642 988 416 or via our contact form.


Alternatively, if you’re a publisher and would like to know more about Visualsoft Affiliates and our portfolio of clients, contact our Publisher Performance Manager, Callum Ridley, via callum.ridley@visualsoftaffiliates.co.uk or publishers@visualsoftaffiliates.co.uk.

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