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As we all know and appreciate, Google like to update things and keep us all on our toes, it’s how they get their kicks. For the most part, they carry out changes to make everyone’s life easier and that little bit brighter, and their latest development is no exception. Our Paid Search pro, Laura Davies, has highlighted what the recent change could mean for your brand.

What’s changing this time?

Well, we’re glad you asked! This time Location Extensions are up for a bit of a revamp!

In order to run Location Extensions you need to have a Google My Business Account, but, more often than not, these accounts are forgotten about. You may forget to keep information up to date, or even forget that you created an account entirely as you decided not to use it, and hence it simply disappears into oblivion.

Or so you think…

Now, with Google’s latest changes, these forgotten accounts will be brought back. If a Google My Business Account exists, that has got a shared domain and country as a Google Ads account, Google will automatically link these, and after linking, location extensions will show with your ads unless you opt out.

If you want Location Extensions to appear with your ads, you don’t need to do anything other than making sure inputted information is up to date and relevant – as you need to send people to the right address! Also, if you do want to run Location Extensions, but want to use a different Google My Business Account, you can update this in Google Ads to create a new link.

How to opt out:

Before we try to convince you to utilise Location Extensions, we understand that for some businesses, it may not be a viable, or necessary, option at the moment. In order to opt out, you need to:

  • Go to Google Ads, and find the Ad Extensions tab.
  • Click on “View: Automated Extensions Report”.
  • Scroll Down to “Automated Extensions Options (Advanced)” and follow the link.
  • Select “Edit”.
  • Tick the box for “Automated Location Extensions” under “Do not use specific automated extensions in this account”.
  • Finally, click “Save” to make sure your changes stick!

If this box is ticked by the 22nd October, Google will not add Location Extensions to your account.

The benefit of the Location Extensions revamp:

As mentioned previously, for some businesses, these extensions won’t be beneficial. However, if you do have a physical store, using these extensions will mean that you are able to reach more people who are in close proximity to your business. Despite the rise of online shopping, people do still want to go to a physical store to shop as well. In fact, three-quarters of the people who search on their phones for something nearby, visit a related or similar business within a day. By adopting these extensions, you are shortening the user’s journey, making it easier for them to find your store and in turn, driving more shop visits.

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