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Lights, camera, action: why your brand should be jumping on video

2017 is the year of video. With it’s ability to stimulate multiple senses, it’s no wonder our followers on social engage more with videos than the standard text, link, or photo update. The growing popularity of video hit an all-time high last year when Facebook and Snapchat both surpassed 8 billion daily video views. In terms of reach, Facebook videos receive an average of 135% more organic reaches than a photo and a video is 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google than a text article.

As a result, social networks have been developing their own native video features, and brands are jumping at the chance to capitalize on them. On top of this, Facebook adapted its algorithm to favour video content in newsfeeds and, with the introduction of ‘Facebook Live’, have since updated their algorithm to favour live videos due to higher levels of engagement.

So what can a video do for your brand on social media?

Video content is the key to truly engage your followers and bring your brand to life. Interactions between customers and brands on social media can seem somewhat cold and impersonal as there is no face-to-face interaction involved. Customers prefer brands they feel they know on a personal level and are emotionally invested in, and through video you can reveal the real life faces of your brand to build a sense of trust and familiarity.

Got a lot to say? A video can convey a lot more in-depth information in a 30 second clip, than a tweet with a 140 character limit, and more effective than a simple photo and status update. A video has a very powerful influence on customer buying decisions, with 90% of consumers agreeing that a good product video helps them to decide.

Here’s a few examples of how you can use video on social media:

Product/event coverage

Keep your customers in the loop of any new products or events that your brand is hosting or attending. Giving your followers an exclusive first look will make them feel valued and excited about what is going on around your brand.


This type of video content is very effective at building trust with your customers, for example simple ‘How to’ videos on topics that are relevant to your product or service offering. You can also use video to teach your users how to use your products and the benefits. Educational content will also increase the likelihood of your post being shared by your followers, and ultimately growing brand awareness.


If you are on social media, you will often be asked the same questions over and over. Answering all FAQ’s can be exhausting and time consuming. It is much more beneficial to create videos addressing these common queries which can then be shared to your followers, whilst helping to boost brand awareness and customer retention.

Behind the scenes

As consumers, we are curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of our favourite brands.

Let your customers in on what goes on behind the scenes and learn a little more about the culture and the people and that make your brand what it is today. Special appearances and interviews with the CEO and creators will also allow customers to feel closer to your brand and emotionally invested.

Mr Porter, a premium fashion retailer, is incredibly clever with their video content strategy which helps to build and establish their brand image through Youtube and across social media. Through ‘Behind the brand’, ‘Meet the makers’, and ‘How to…’ videos, they are able to showcase their knowledge of fashion as well as their premium status by featuring A-List celebrities. Check out the Mr Porter Youtube channel for a little inspiration.

Video still of John Legend in a white shirt

Video is currently the big shot of social media and it’s popularity is still on the up. At Visualsoft, our Social team now offer an external videography and photography service to produce creative, tailor-made video content and photography for our clients. Deliverables include event videography, information/ company trailer videos, store/boutique and lifestyle photography, as well as drone videography/photography.

Bring your brand to life through video and contact our team on 01642 988 416.

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