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Announcing: Visualsoft's In-Store Appointment Feature

Since the emergence of COVID-19 and the enforced lockdown, the key question that has been on all retailers’ lips has been: what does this mean for the high street?

While it’s been hard to ignore the remarkable increase in the frequency of online shopping and number of online shoppers, since lockdown was imposed upon us in March, retailers have been chomping at the bit to re-open their doors to welcome their loyal customers with open arms (metaphorically of course!).

Over the past few months, we have seen many of our resourceful and creative retailers who have physical store presence, innovate and pivot their strategies in order to succeed throughout an uncertain time period, whilst setting the groundwork for the reformation of the high street. It's been incredible to watch our talented clients deftly adapt to the shift in consumer mindset.

At Visualsoft, we’ve been quietly working behind the scenes throughout lockdown to ensure that once restrictions on physical stores were eased, the transition for retailers to re-open their doors is as seamless and as safe as possible.

We have developed a new In-store Appointments feature, which is available for free on all responsive websites on the Visualsoft platform. This allows retailers to publish time slots on their website, to enable customers to book an appointment to visit the physical store. Retailers have full control over the time slots and which days of the week appointments are available and if you have multiple stores, these can be tailored by branch.

This week, we’ve been checking in remotely with our wonderful clients, who have been busy disinfecting and establishing effective in-store social distancing procedures over the last couple of weeks in preparation for the reopening of stores. We wanted to get their thoughts on returning to ‘normal’ and the future of eCommerce in post-COVID world.

Gianni Casagrande, Digital Marketing Manager at Moda in Pelle, stated: “We’re very excited to be finally opening stores as of this week and to welcome back our local Moda customers! Having the ability to book appointments online gives customers the chance to enjoy browsing our stores with a 1-2-1 experience from the Moda team. We’ve had a positive response so far and look forward to welcoming back our regular shoppers and new faces across the country!”

Steve Hall, Head of eCommerce at Brother 2 Brother has been itching to return to the high street, adding: “The In-Store Appointments feature has been an addition to our website and we’re hoping that we can develop this feature further with Visualsoft in order to offer a more flexible and bespoke service to our consumers. It will be invaluable in driving high conversion footfall to our bricks and mortar stores during this difficult period of trade.”

If you missed the memo and want to find out more about the In-store Appointments feature, fear not! We have added the module to all responsive websites free of charge, meaning you can set this up yourself without requesting any work from us - it's ready to use straight away.

Find out more on how to utilise the In-store Appointments feature here.

If you simply wanted to discuss your eCommerce offering and how we can help, let us know via the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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