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The 4 key pillars of brand reputation

The reputation of a brand can provide consumers with real comfort, particularly throughout an uncertain time period, and where people are shopping online more frequently than ever before.

In a study conducted by Trustpilot back in February, even before the lockdown, it was found that trust in brands is eroding - with an 11% decrease in trust reported.

But, it’s not all bad news! Consumers are happy to share exactly what they expect from brands.. They know what they want and they want it now!

88% of consumers check review websites before they purchase from a company. They want to assure themselves that the company is reputable and that they can trust the company to process their order securely and the product received will be high quality.

Make the most of the platforms available

Consumers want to read uncensored reviews on platforms, from real people. By ensuring that you are utilising the available platforms you are ensuring that content is made available to negate any ‘what ifs’.

Respond and resolve, don’t react

Consumers don’t actually mind seeing negative reviews, as long as they are responded to in a positive, efficient and timely manner. Most of the population totally understand that sometimes, things can just go a little wrong!

What’s important is that these consumers can see that these issues are being resolved effectively. As a brand, it is important to not react in a panic but to pick up the concern and provide a solution.

Information in abundance

The more information you provide in the form of quality content helps to reduce the question marks over why they should purchase from you or the ‘what if’ moments. It’s important to address your consumers' questions when they are asked, but if you can pre-empt the questions likely to be sent through from browsers, this eliminates one of the hurdles to converting these browsers into customers.

Engage with your community

Consumers want to be able to ask questions and have them answered. Throughout the pandemic, shoppers have been asking more questions of brands - they want to know what your processes and operations are, how you’re keeping staff safe, and how you are complying with standards in order to keep customers safe as well.

This applies to review platforms and social media channels. Social media can be a fantastic tool to create open conversations with your customers and to build your brand reputation through the promotion of quality content and conversations with your consumer base.

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