Emily Strachan

How We Cut Site Speed Load Times By Up To 93%

Last year, Google announced that it would be factoring mobile page speed into its mobile search rankings, as part of its ‘Speed Update’. With that in mind, we began working exclusively with Google and a number of leading online retailers on a Mobile Optimisation Core Update, to improve the performance of our responsive solutions on smartphones and tablets, and we achieved some pretty impressive site speed results!

Now, Google has released a case study, highlighting how we successfully tackled site speed together and cut load times by up to 93%. Working with Google’s site speed experts, our developers identified a list of site improvements to minimise site load times and enhance user experience, and we began by making improvements to a test group of 13 clients.

Site Speed Goals:

  • Reduce site load times.
  • Enhance user experience on all devices.
  • Increase conversion rates to provide greater retailer revenue.

Site Speed Approach:

  • R&D used an agile approach to optimise an array of technical site elements within their latest responsive wireframes.

Site Speed Results:

  • 68% reduction in perceptual load times.
  • 39% improvement in time to load interactive.
  • 64% lower than average homepage weight.
  • Estimated $2 million annual revenue impact

Looking Ahead:

We’ve not stopped there! Our R&D team is currently working on its next-generation of responsive stores and is looking to utilise both Progressive Web App and AMP technologies to deliver content quickly and offer excellent user experiences to our clients’ customers. With sites running faster, we’ve also been able to produce tangible upticks in our clients’ Mobile Ads performance and a mobile first strategy across our paid search accounts was put in place in 2018.

“We’re over the moon with the results we’ve achieved for our clients – as a result of the project, many retailers on our platform have also benefitted from an increase in organic traffic too. It’s been fantastic collaborating with Google to target areas that really make a difference to performance, and we look forward to continuing that partnership to help ensure our clients are ahead of the curve.” – Sarah Louise Taylor, Head of Platform.

In an age where site speed is paramount, we want to ensure that your site is reaching its full potential! Simply click to find out how well your site is currently performing with a FREE health check.

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