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Email Marketing Tips: How To Grow, Nurture & Convert Your Email List

Many people saw May 25th – GDPR day – as a deadline to get their ducks in a row for the new regulation. However, rather than seeing it as a cutoff date, or a box-ticking exercise, GDPR should be seen as a new opportunity to really get the most out of your email marketing.

As highlighted by our Head of Email Marketing, the definition of consent has changed, meaning you should now end up with a list of people who actually want to receive your emails. So how can you take this opportunity, to grow, nurture and convert from your lists?

What happened:

Before May 25th, and even after, inboxes were filled with re-permission campaigns and privacy policy updates. This was somewhat surprising, as the GDPR had been a long time coming, but a lot of brands waited until the very last minute to send these out!

A number of our clients got rid of old, disengaged data, which may not have been in line with the new definition of consent. On the whole, we saw engagement boosted as these brands were now sending to their most engaged subscribers. While list sizes were smaller, opens and conversion rates went up, and often revenue stayed around the same. What does this mean? Getting rid of those disengaged subscribers didn’t really impact the revenue made – the same people who opened emails and made purchases pre-GDPR, were doing so post-GDPR. This will be great for improved deliverability in the longer term – so win/win!

Ready, set, grow!

Whether or not brands got rid of any historic /disengaged subscribers, growing the list is bound to be on everyone’s agenda post-GDPR. Even if your list size didn’t change, your sign up processes probably will have in line with the new definition of consent. Here are our top tips to ensure your list growth remains on track:

  • Optimise your website.
    Give subscribers the opportunity to sign up when they first visit your site with pop-up boxes; feature a subscription box on each page; include an option to sign up at any data collection points including checkout processes, contact us forms, stock notifications etc.
  • Work those transactional emails.
    Your transactional emails can be a cost-effective way to grow your list, so include information and a link to subscribe in your order confirmation emails, basket abandon emails and stock notification emails!
  • Get social.
    Promote your newsletter on your social channels. Include sneak previews of emails you’ll be sending and encourage your followers to sign up. Include regular links and content, promoting the benefits of being subscribed.

For the above tactics to prove effective, you need to make sure that you clearly explain the benefits of subscribing – you need to make your subscribers want to receive your emails. GDPR dictates that you must include privacy notices and a link to your privacy policy – but your privacy statements still need to be compelling, as well as functional. Think about how you’re telling people how you’ll use their data, of course tell them everything, but ensure it’s done in the right way so that they trust you with their data without concern.

Nurture and convert your subscribers by making your list work harder:

Capture preferences on your subscribers, and use all of the data you hold on them, to make your emails much more relevant and engaging. Here are our top tips to get the most from your list:

  • Capture preferences early on.
    We recommend including a link to capture preferences in your welcome email, within the first 3 days that someone subscribes. This means you can then ensure you’re sending people emails that you know they want to receive. Increase engagement, reduce unsubscribes – again it’s a win/win!
  • Personalise emails.
    Use the data you hold to go beyond [FIRST_NAME]. Personalisation also includes sending relevant products and offers based on what they have previously purchased, i.e. Here are our new Barbour jackets… when you know a customer has purchased Barbour from you previously.
  • Create high performing email journeys.
    Use data with automated emails to create engaging, high performing email journeys. Sending people the right content, at the right point in their customer journey with you, is easily possible with our email marketing solutions. Our experts are able to help you create a welcome series that nurtures new subscribers – this may include a number of emails over a month that welcome subscribers to your brand, capture preferences, and can ultimately offer a discount if they’ve yet to purchase. You could also opt for re-engagement campaigns, that trigger automatically when people stop spending on the site, with the aim of getting them shopping with you again. The beauty of automation is that once the emails are set up, they run in the background, engaging and converting subscribers and leaving you time to focus on other emails or marketing efforts!

For more information on getting the most out of your email marketing, get in touch with our team today on 01642 988416.

Remember, for all electronic communications including email, the Privacy and Communications Regulations (PECR) sit alongside the Data Protection Act and the GDPR – they give people specific rights and there are rules on email marketing. Find out more here.

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