Adrian Foster

Google Panda Added to Google’s Core Ranking Signals

It looks like Google Panda is now part of Google’s core ranking algorithm, another sign that quality is key when creating content for your website. Panda will now be applied to sites overall as one of Google’s many key ranking signals, it is used to measure the quality of the site and adjust rankings accordingly.

In a recent SEO blog post we looked at the inclusion of quality and user intent in the updated Google Quality Rating Guidelines, released on 12th November 2015. By incorporating Panda into their core algorithm, Google have taken it a step further, making it vital that webmasters are taking their time to craft content that is relevant, engaging and user orientated.

We regularly get questions regarding the importance of content and why it plays such a large role in our SEO strategy. Historically, SEO was a link dominated industry, with content taking a backseat to whatever link deal was secured in a piece of text. These outdated practices are still seen as the right way to do SEO by those who haven’t examined the changes in the industry. The creation of well written content is not just a vehicle to increase traffic and boost visibility, it’s a vital form of housekeeping for any site owner who is looking to compete in the arena.

Google will now judge a site based on how ‘good’ the content is. If a site contains duplicate text, thin content or text created simply to cram in as many keywords as possible, it will struggle against sites that are taking the time to write content that is relevant to their audience, their brand and the scrutiny of search engines.

Want to know more about Panda? Google have contributed to this article by Jennifer Slegg, a must read for those looking to get to grips with the latest update.

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