Becky Lawson

Get real - Humanising your eCommerce website

As an online nation, we’re emoji obsessed. 2014 was no doubt the year of the emoji, as almost every platform adopted an emoji keyboard. Then, 2015 saw brands including Domino’s and Coca-Cola heading the trend of emoji focused marketing campaigns.

What do we love about these tiny icons and faces? They’re fun, silly and convey emotion, and remind us we are talking to someone (or a brand) that smiles, understands, cries and is essentially a person.

And we’ve all heard the phrase “people buy from people…”

If somebody walked into your physical shop, you would smile at them, so, when someone visits your eCommerce website, it’s important to smile at them too. One study even found that the same parts of our brains are activated when we see a smiley face online and when we see them in person.

But, let’s be realistic. Emoji’s aren’t big on eCommerce websites and even if they could have been, they are now SO 2015.

However, we can still take lessons from the trend and find ways to humanise our websites and connect with our visitors digitally.

1. Add a visible phone number to your website

A phone number says, “Hey, we’re here if you need us for a call!” adding trust and credibility to your site (and, here’s the best bit – even if they don’t call, you’ve made it clear that there’s a living, breathing human being at the end of the line should they need it.)

So, with that in mind, we’d recommend adding a phone number to your header and footer.

2. Listen to your customers

As you would in a normal conversation, part of engaging is listening too. Don’t use your website just as a broadcast medium.

A good way of bringing this into your eCommerce website site is through one of our live chat features. It aims to build consumer confidence (with the ultimate aim of increasing sales) and opens up yet another digital channel of communication between you and your customers.

3. Show off your staff

You feel happier spending money in your local shop than Sainsbury’s because you get to know the kind faces behind the work there (helping you also have more patience with them when things go wrong.)

So, if Julie your Receptionist is celebrating her 5th year with you, celebrate it across your blog! Shucks, even make a promo code for it. Create a ‘Meet the team’ page! Are you opening a new office? Show how much it means to your employees and thank your customers for helping you get there.

4. Develop a brand voice or personality

Stand out from your competition and create a brand voice that suits your audience: loud, proud or posh, a strong brand voice is the personality of your website and a key way for you to control how your customers perceive you.

Safety note: Keep it consistent to be convincing though. If your Adwords campaigns sound like Queen Elizabeth and landing page copy R2D2, you’re doing it wrong.

5. Treat your regulars

If we walked into a business we visited every month and didn’t get so much as a nod we’d be a little miffed- and it’s no different online.

Consider a ‘thank you’ discount on visitors second orders or VIP perks (like free delivery) for customers that order multiple times a year. This will keep them coming back and maintain a warm and fuzzy feeling toward your business!

Overall, it’s good to consider how you can smile at your customers when they arrive on your eCommerce website; a human touch goes a long way and little things can help bring them closer to your business (and encourage them to spend more money with you!)

If you’re looking to add a more personal touch to your eCommerce website, contact us here or speak to your Visualsoft Account Manager.

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