Becky Lawson

Future online marketing trends to watch out for

The marketing industry is constantly changing with competitors fighting to deliver the latest service to their customers in the most creative and accessible ways possible. In order to stay ahead of the competition it’s important that we consider the up and coming trends before they take full hold of the industry. Here’s what we expect may integrate into online marketing in the near future.

Interactive Content

Gone are the days of traditional one-sided content and instead we should be encouraging consumers to interact with us. Customers respond positively when they find themselves actually being included in the content they are given. This can be achieved simply by the use of quizzes for example, but there are much more imaginative uses of this being explored. An obvious example of this is ‘ASLA’s Ice Bucket Challenge’, which encourages individuals to post videos of themselves being dowsed in ice water for a good cause. The hashtag garnered millions of views with users sharing content and wanting to get involved due to the participatory nature and the emotional element of the charity to back it up.

Mobile Centric Platforms

It is becoming much more convenient for people to use their smart phones as opposed to PC’s, so it makes sense that content created specifically for mobiles is growing. Replacing ‘mobile-friendly’ content with better quality features will really shape the way that people use their mobile devices. This transition will begin to take full hold over the next few years and soon there will be a lot more mobile centric platforms like Snapchat becoming available.

App Based SEO

The growing popularity of apps has spread across all genres of content so it comes as no surprise that it is becoming more common for retailers to sell their products through them. This creates a far more direct approach to targeting customers and personalising experiences to individuals by the use of dashboards, for example. iIt also encourages repeat consumers as they will always have the content available on their phone instead of having to search and access websites. We could even perhaps consider the idea that apps may replace websites altogether one day, so it is an important area we need to bear in mind.

Evolution of Social Media

Social media platforms are evolving to become ‘everything’ apps. This is achieved by eliminating the need for users to switch to multiple apps to access different features, i.e. video v. articles. Recently Facebook has even introduced live videos for instant broadcasting so that viewers do not need to leave the app to watch but can be updated instantly. The growing number of social media users means it is now imperative that brands have a strong presence on these platforms.

These are just a few of many possible trends that we expect to come into effect. But regardless of what shapes they might take, it is inevitable that online marketing is constantly changing and adapting to accommodate the modern day consumer, with the use of mobile playing a huge part in this.

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