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5 last minute Easter tips to boost your sales online

In light of the current global events, it is important to review your strategies in the run-up to Easter to ensure that the messaging you are communicating is relevant to the situation and remains sensitive.

While this year, footfall is expected to be at its lowest ever since records began and people are unable to attend Easter parties or participate in Easter egg hunts, consumers are still able to join in virtually - it may now be more important than ever to update your site for Easter!

  1. Give people a reason to celebrate this Easter
    As the Government guidelines are to stay indoors to reduce the national and global impact of COVID-19, people are utilising the internet now more than ever. In offering discounts, you provide people with an additional reason to visit your website over Easter. Creating a sense of urgency around your promotional discounts will help to encourage impulse purchasing, creating more sales. You could also create an Easter promotion with a specific landing page, directing users straight to the best offers!

  2. Keep people on your website for longer using Easter egg hunts
    The longer a user is on your website, usually, the more likely they are to make a purchase - as long as they are engaged. As people are not able to go outside further than their own gardens, giving your consumers tasks to complete to entertain themselves could be really effective. Creating Easter egg hunts on your website can be an incredible way to keep people interested while on your website, hunting for ‘hidden eggs’ that link to your Easter landing page, or access to discount codes throughout your website.

  3. Utilise your other marketing channels to help direct traffic to your website
    Drive relevant and seasonal traffic to your website through social media - you could create excitement through a social competition or giveaway. Especially in a time of social distancing where people cannot be with their families, encouraging your audience to engage with your channel and each other via video messaging or tagging each other in posts could be positive for not only your business but more importantly your consumers’ mindsets.

  4. Email campaigns
    Email is still one of the best ways to reach people online. Design an email featuring your Easter offers and promotions, and remember to use an eye-catching subject line. Chances are your email will be competing with many others in your customers’ inboxes and you want yours to stand out - so spend some time on getting that subject line right. Another tip is to create a sense of urgency in your email. Get your subscribers to rush to your store before your offers run out, and boost your sales.

  5. Think virtual, instead of physical
    With social interaction at an all-time low, connect your consumers by making eVouchers and gift cards available - also removing some pressure on couriers by virtualizing gifts that your customers send to their loved ones. This means they can still treat their families and friends, without putting them, or front line staff, at any level of risk.

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