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Facebook revealed as important sales tool

According to research undertaken on behalf of, Facebook has been named as the first click in a chain of clicks which would lead to a sale.

Testing found Facebook to be the first click for seven times as many sales as it was the last. The study, and its results, go someway towards revealing exactly what role Facebook plays in advertising and more importantly, sales.

These findings highlight the importance of social media in eCommerce success, and show that while Facebook has a primary use as a social network for friends and others to keep in touch, the use of advertising on the site should not be overlooked by businesses.

This research is similar to that published earlier this year, which showed that consumers are becoming more influenced by what they see and read on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

eDigitalResearch, the leading provider of digital market research surveyed 2,000 UK consumers in June of this year, and 15% said that they have been influenced to make a purchase by adverts, groups or discussions on a number of social networking sites.

‘The social network, and others similar, should be viewed as a tool for driving customer awareness, rather than leading directly to sales’ said’s head of search Conrad Edkins.

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