Becky Lawson

European eCommerce on the up

New research release today has revealed that the number of people shopping online in the has doubled over the last 5 years.

The study, commissioned by the European Parliament found that the number of EU residents shopping online has risen from around 20 per cent in 2005, to 40% in 2010. This is suggested to be due to the ever expanding internet access, which reached 70% penetration last year.

The Netherlands was reported to be the best connected country in Europe, with 91% of homes having web access. Meanwhile the worst is Bulgaria, where just a third of households can boast an internet connection of some kind.

Cross-border eCommerce could have a relatively large part to pay in the increase in online shopping in the UK. In Malta around 90% of consumers were reported to buy their goods from other member EU states.

Despite the news of increased consumer interest in eCommerce, there is a deficit of companies offering goods and services online. Only 14% of EU companies have eCommerce websites.

This low figure encourages EU consumers to look at cross border eCommerce websites, with the majority of UK based companies now offering worldwide delivery to keep up with the demand of those consumers from further afield.

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