Becky Lawson

eCommerce experiences are not up to scratch

Research released last week has shown that UK retailers are losing out on up to half a billion pounds worth of sales, because their eCommerce website and mobile shopping sites, online shopping experience via desktop or mobile platforms are just not up to the standards expected by consumers.

The report, published by analysts at Oxford Economics suggests that major chains such as Dixons and Phones4U are missing out on large amounts of income and online traffic because their websites and smartphone apps are not user friendly.

Morrisons has been hit hard recently, apparently failing to latch onto a potential £314 million in online sales due to the chain having no eCommerce platform for it to attract customers. More recently, Morrisons has announced that it is working hard to create its own web presence, but not quick enough by the looks of it, as in the meantime rivals like Tesco and Asda have a head start in the market.

Retail expert, Paul-Jervis Heath, told the Guardian that the problem lies not only in a lack of usability but a lack of consistency between the various platforms for safe shopping online. He pointed out that while many retailers may have a website and a mobile app, the links between these two services may not exist, making it inconvenient for shoppers to buy something on one if they cannot then check up on or amend their order via the other.

This also applies to providing information, because consumers expect to be able to find out about products and services offered by a retailer whether they are on their mobiles or on their laptops. If there is not a unification of such services, customers are put off using either.

This research highlights the importance of eCommerce, and the impact which not selling online could have on a business. Its vital that a company has a user friendly website which can allow customers to browse, locate and shop for items with ease. Visualsoft has over 12 years experience in the industry, and we offer a wide range of services including eCommecre design and development and mCommerce platforms. For more information on how we could enhance your business online, get in touch with one of the team today.

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