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Does your site speed measure up?

In this blog post we’ve asked our resident Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) experts to explain one of the most important aspects of ensuring your site is performing to its full potential!

Website speed is imperative both for usability and website performance. Google now uses website speed as part of its organic algorithm so reducing your page load speed times is imperative. The industry standard for an eCommerce site is around 3 seconds, so anything above 3 seconds needs further analysis.

You can check your current site speed by using a site called Pingdom

Here’s how it works, you put your site URL into Pingdom, and it tells you how long it takes your page to load. We recommend running at least 3 tests and taking an average score from this (ideally around 3 seconds!)

It is recommended to test your homepage, category, product and basket page.

Here are a few guides to help you understand Pingdom’s site speed reports.

screenshot showing a colour chart with a summary next to each

State Colours

icons with explanations next to them

Content Types

Now you know about how to test your site speed, do you want a quick win for optimising your site? Promos heavily dominate websites, especially a homepage. Optimising your images for the web will help reduce the size of the image which will therefore help reduce any long load times.

We recommend using Optimizilla , a quick and easy to use tool and the prefect way to optimise your images onsite. Simply upload your image and reduce the size using the slider. The more that you can reduce the size the better, but you don’t want to lose the image quality so keep this in mind!

two images of Visualsoft House, a red brick office building

Visualsoft House

As you can see above with a little bit of optimisation we have reduced the file image size by 76%.

Finally, by using Google page insights you will be able to get some recommendations for both desktop and mobile in regards to improving your page speed.

Looking to find out more about how to optimise your web site? Contact your Online Marketing Account manager today to find out how you can get ahead in 2016.

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