Becky Lawson

Digital boost for UK advertising industry

According to the latest research by PwC, one of the leading survey groups, The value of the UK advertising market is set to increase by 4.8% in the next four years to £17.7bn as brands pour spend into online marketing to meet growing consumer demand for digital media.

Companies are constantly trying to meet the demands of consumer spending by reviewing how they advertise their business, and subsequently looking at more ways to enhance the company and increase sales figures.

Leading research group PwC reports that internet advertising could rise by up to 11% between now and 2015. Businesses have always relied heavily on search advertising to bring in new customers, but the report adds that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter will be used tot heir full potential in the coming year, in order to generate more custom.

Phil Stokes head of PwC says ‘With advertising revenues returning to pre-recession levels, the advertising pound is being spent in many new and different ways.’ A lot more people are choosing to shop online to get more choice and better deals. A lot more money is being made with e-Commerce with more customers using their smartphones to shop on the go.

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