Adrian Foster

Customer Match In AdWords

We’re always on the hunt for new developments in the world of PPC and after our trip to Google’s San Francisco HQ, we were excited to dive in and check out the latest features.

Introducing Customer Match

Customer Match allows you to reach your most valuable customers and serve them the most relevant ads possible through Google Search, YouTube and Gmail. Due to the high amount of users who search on the go, customer expectations for immediate and relevant ad content is on the up, this new feature is designed to target people in the moments that matter the most to them.

Your ‘valuable customers’ could be users who are involved in a loyalty programme with your company or may have made a purchase from your site in the past. These valuable customers will expect more from you as a seller as they already have a relationship with you.

How does it work?

Customer match involves you adding a list of email addresses to your account, which can then be matched to signed in users on Google, this is done in a secure, private way. Once the email list has been added you can then target your ads to just those email users. They can be targeted with campaigns and ads specifically designed to appeal to that audience, in the same way remarketing does.

An important aspect to note is that customers can be in control of the ads they see as they can opt out of seeing these personalised ads, this can be done through muting or blocking ads from certain advertisers.

More information on how to block the ads can be found via this link:

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