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How our clients have been creating an incredible sense of community during COVID-19

With everyone adhering to the government guidelines regarding social distancing in light of the current global pandemic, it can be easy to feel a little disconnected and down in the dumps.

Over the last few weeks, we have noticed an incredible amount of our clients doing fantastic work in order to support the NHS. They have created a sense of community in a time of struggle and helped to maintain real-life connection in a time of physical distancing.

We wanted to take a moment to commend our clients for really giving back and helping to keep spirits lifted in recent weeks and months.

Saxon Furniture create PPE for NHS staff

When Managing Director, Matt Deighton, saw that the NHS was facing a shortage of PPE, he wanted to help in any way he could and after some investigation, reopened their workshop in line with social distancing guidelines to start production.

Our clients, Vivien of Holloway have also been collecting donations to make PPE for ladies of the NHS.

Little Mistress, Jayley and Jules B are making masks available to purchase, with donations going to the NHS

Little Mistress are aiming to raise £5 million for NHS Charities Together, in conjunction with, with 100% of proceeds after costs going directly to NHS Charities Together. Luxury fashion retailer Jayley, are selling face masks and donating 50% of the value of all orders placed on Jayley to NHS Charities Together until the end of May. Similarly, our client Jules B are providing face masks with 80% of profits going directly to NHS Charities.

Carpet Runners raised over £20,000 to help local NHS patients and NHS staff

In just 7 days, our client Carpet Runners raised over £20,000 to help NHS patients and staff. 60% of the funds will go towards purchasing tablet devices so that patients without access to smartphones could talk remotely to their families and friends, with the remainder spent on improving NHS staff areas at their local hospital.

Claudio Lugli offering 15% off sitewide to give customers a boost, and are donating 40% of order value on their NHS Support line directly to the NHS

Fashion house Claudio Lugli are donating 40% of all sales on their Support NHS line directly to NHS workers and carers, and are offering 15% off sitewide using code UNITE to help give Claudio customers a little boost throughout a difficult time.

Moda in Pelle donated 600 pairs of trainers to the hard-working NHS heroes

Our client, Moda in Pelle, donated 600 pairs of trainers to the NHS staff to say thank you for the incredible work they continue to carry out. The cushioned white trainers will enable staff to stay comfortable during long shifts while also giving the hard-working staff a little boost.

Rounton Coffee ensure NHS staff remain caffeinated at all times

Rounton Coffee have been supporting the NHS throughout their long shifts by ensuring that they have access to delicious coffee in their short moments of downtime, from donating grinders and brewers, to a selection of coffees. Most recently, they have announced their new blend, the aptly named Nightingale Coffee - enough to brew approximately 20,000 cups for the front line staff.

We have seen so many of our clients giving back to the NHS, such as Corporate Togs who are donating 10% of your order back to NHS charities and Alioli Kids donating 10% of turnover to the NHS Covid19 Emergency Fund.

Amazing work guys, we are in awe of our wonderful clients!

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