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Creating an effective Black Friday Social Strategy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Black Friday 2017 is well on it’s way, and the truth is, you should already have your preparations for the biggest event in the retail calendar planned to the Nth degree. If you haven’t, the solution isn’t to panic, but instead to use these last few weeks wisely and cram as much planning into your time as the days allow.

Balancing your channels is crucial, however, it’s worth thinking about your mobile savvy consumer and how best to position yourself directly in front of them. According to data from ChannelAdvisor, mobile trumped other devices as the most used channel for purchasing goods throughout the Black Friday period of 2016, with 64% of all purchases taking place on mobile. This mobile boom opens a natural gateway for increased Social Media usage, and those that are clued up on their marketing efforts are taking advantage of this.

Our resident Queen of Social Media, Erin Simons, talks us through her top 5 tips for nailing your social media strategy ahead of Black Friday 2017…

Prepare your profiles and start as early as you can

Although it may seem like we’re stating the obvious, you’d be surprised by how much well presented and on-brand social profiles can really boost your engagement.

Profile pictures, header images, banners and bios all need to be updated and should accurately reflect any promotions you’re running as these are the first thing to catch your follower’s eye. However, it’s worth noting that each social platform should have it’s own custom image that promotes your sale and content should not be duplicated across channels!

You also can’t expect to produce a killer campaign that you’ve planned the night prior. Get ahead of the rest and start planning now. Schedule your posts across all channels for the entire week leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and save yourself the panic on the actual day itself!

Think about the time of day you’re posting, what you’re wanting to achieve and how you’re going to measure your campaign success post-event.

Create a dedicated landing page

If you’re pushing your Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions over social media, and you’re doing it right, you’re going to need a dedicated landing page. This strengthens the message you’re sending out on your social channels, aligning them much more closely with your website itself.

This seamless experience allows for much greater conversions, but if you really want to go for it, create dedicated landing pages for promotions in different product categories.

Stand out from the crowd and build a sense of urgency

Standing out in the newsfeed amongst the flood of chatter is a key challenge for retailers.

Product videos, brand imagery, GIFs and creative campaigns can be used with organic and paid posts to ensure you’re the one grabbing all the attention in the feed.

Use Facebook Shop to promote related products and simplify the user journey to encourage purchases, and include timers and countdowns to create a sense of urgency. Timers act as a gentle nudge in the right direction and a visual cue telling the customers that if they want that product with either your advertised discount or free delivery, they’ve got to act fast!

Run competitions to drive engagement

Running competitions over Cyber Weekend encourages your communities to tag in other users and increase engagement through their networks.

The chances are their networks have like-for-like customers that your brand can be positioned directly in front of.

Ask your users to enter their email addresses to win on a competition page on site, follow up with those who didn’t win with targeted Facebook ads and a discount for the product. The secret here is to strategically tailor and target!

Integrate your social media and email marketing efforts

Email and social come hand in hand, in fact, they are probably the easiest two marketing channels to integrate. For a slice of conversion heaven and a greater shot at reaching your digital marketing goals, your cyber weekend strategy should merge the two.

Create mailing groups to target specific demographics based on purchase history or interests, and utilise Facebook remarketing ads to offer specific discounts and offers to targeted users that are aligned with your email marketing activity. Read more on our blog here.

Social media is your ticket to engaging your following, increasing your brand reach and consequently driving consumers to your site to generate those much loved conversions. At Visualsoft, our team of social media mavens are well versed in creating campaigns for multiple verticals within the retail sector. For more information on how we can help you with targeted Paid Social campaigns and expert consultancy, get in touch today or call us on 01642 988416.

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