Becky Lawson

Consumers embrace mCommerce around the world

A recent study conducted by MEF has reported that as many as 91% of UK consumers have used their mobile devices to either purchase a product or conduct research into a product before buying, which is the highest rate in the world.

The survey considered both product research and actual safe shopping online via phone to be within the same m-commerce category, which perhaps explains why the figure in the UK was so significant. Second on the list of mobile commerce enthusiasts was Brazil, with 79% of respondents making use of mCommerce features.

MEF’s Global Consumer Survey was conducted in nine countries across five continents, with a total of 8,530 respondents from both developed and developing markets. The study highlights the importance of mCommerce in modern day business, and also shows that ultimately it is the consumers which drive the evolution of mCommerce.

MEF spokesperson, Andrew Bud, said “This global research clearly demonstrates that consumers across the world are embracing mobile as a key access point for their content and commerce needs. It also illustrates that mobile is an essential platform for companies wishing to drive consumer engagement and monetise their goods, services and digital products.”

A primary focus of any business should be to keep up to date with changing consumer habits, such as the boost in mCommerce and mobile device technology. For more information on the services which Visualsoft offer, including mCommerce and online marketing tailored for mCommerce stores, contact one of the team today.

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