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Companies fail to communicate via social network platforms

Social networking has become one of the many platforms for communication between companies and their customers, but it seems that most are not responding to their consumers as much as they should be.

Auros, an Internet and technology consultancy group found that top UK retailers are failing to respond to their customers via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and unfortunately it is the majority and not the minority.

The study found that only 25% of retailers with a presence on Twitter replied to questions, taking an hour and a half to reply. The group has revealed that only 11% of retailers responded to a negative comment on their Facebook page. Proving that most UK retailers are unresponsive when it comes to social media.

In these economic times Social media has become one of the most important elements of retailing. With more people using Facebook and Twitter, it provides companies with more scope to find out what their customers really want out of the company.

’It is clear that retailers see the benefit of being active on social networks. But too many are simply ignoring the fact that you have to be social and engage with users on these channels. Companies that use these social channels to get closer to their customers and prospects will increase brand advocacy and generate more bottom line revenue.” Says Dominic Mills, Managing Director, Auros.

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