Becky Lawson

Clock up more email sales with a festive countdown timer

We’re now on the home stretch to the most exciting times of the year for your business, with the nation eagerly anticipating Black Friday. It’s not just about the big day anymore – it’s all about the build up. Countdown timers create a buzz, instil a sense of urgency, and ultimately drive sales and conversions.

So, how can they be used?

1. Sales and limited offers

Countdown timers are an effective method of promoting an upcoming sale. Letting your subscribers know how long they have until the start and end of a sale or a limited offer creates a sense of urgency, encouraging your subscribers to take action.

2. Those key dates in your calendar

Got an event coming up? Launching a new product? Countdown timers within your email campaigns generate excitement and buzz around those special occasions throughout the year.

3. Delivery deadlines

Frantic shopping behaviour intensifies throughout the festive period. Save your subscribers the disappointment of late deliveries by notifying them how long they have left to place orders to ensure they’re delivered in time for Christmas.

4. Competition time

Generate hype around an exciting giveaway. Countdowns can be used for the competition entry deadline and the winner announcement, encouraging subscribers to enter for a chance to win.

However as they say, too much of anything can make you sick. Try to use this feature sparingly; review the objective of your campaign and only use where relevant. This way, your users don’t expect it each and every time they open your emails.

Countdown timers within email campaigns have proven to increase click-through rates from 15 to near 70 per cent, as well as increasing revenue and orders by around 13 per cent.

So, don’t let time run out, count down your way to greater conversions. Visualsoft is now offering this feature in time for the biggest sale events of the year. Get in touch with your Account Manager or Lindsey Roberts in the Email Marketing team on 01642 633604 to find out more.

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