Adrian Foster

Changes To Google Shopping Policies

As of February 2016 Google will be making changes to some of their policies regarding Google Shopping. Google are making these changes in order to make their policies more user friendly for both merchants and users. There are four main outcomes Google state we can expect from these changes, which are:

– Fewer and simpler shopping policies

– More transparency into why each policy has been put in place

– More insight into how each policy can affect your ads

– Policies will be aligned across Google’s advertising products

Google have stated that almost all merchants who currently comply with the policies in place at the moment will also comply with the new policies coming into practice around February 2016. However, they have mentioned that it would be worth looking at the new policies over the coming months to ensure no changes need to be made to your product listings, website and business.

It is important that merchants keep up to date with Google’s requirements and regulations, including shopping policies at all times. Below is the link to the updated policy centre which outlines the policies which need to be followed.

Google have stated that the information on this link is subject to change and will be adding more sections to the following link when necessary, therefore we recommend checking on this link in the run up to the changes being implemented around February 2016.

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