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Celebrating #ClicheDay with our top five social media cliches

Where many brands are leading the way in inventive and streamlined uses of social media, there is still a long way to go for many. Today we’re celebrating National Cliché Day with our top 5 bug bears in social media!

1. When The Great British Bake Off doesn’t quite fit your brand

Rooftop Film Club sum this up nicely… https://twitter.com/rooftopfilmclub/status/639164364692541446

Trending topics are excellent for social media managers in providing you with ideas and opportunities to raise the profile of your brand. But with so many global trending topics each day, they are simply not going to all fit with your brand. Making something so tenuous fit with your brand offering can be a stroke of genius, or just a huge cliché – it’s a fine line. Don’t stress too much if #GBBO doesn’t fit with your brand, just enjoy the constant stream of Mary Berry GIFs and innuendos and go back to the drawing board. Planning is everything.

2. Put down the sales mic

If a customer wanted to listen to a constant stream of sales material they would go visit a car showroom or pop along to the Harrods perfume counter. Try and think outside the box – what would make you engage with a brand? Social media is escapism, education, fun! Look at what makes your brand unique and think of creative and engaging ways to express that. Offer incentives, tips, converse; leave the sales patter for your product pages.

3. Repetition, repetition, repetition


Stop!!! Start from the beginning, and analyse. There are many great free tools to let you know when your target audience is online, and how many tweets would be the optimum amount. Don’t get bogged down with quantity; it’s all about the quality of your messaging. Look at which of your tweets got the most reach and engagement, what was it about your messaging that resonated with your audience? Analyse, research and replicate. No one wants to see 10 link heavy, personality-free sales tweets. Add images, create headlines and calls to actions.

4. Don’t walk away

One of the main reasons your brand is on social media is to engage with your customers. You want their opinion, their mention, their thoughts – yet so many brands ask questions and then leave the conversation! Don’t schedule in questions when you’re not manning your channel, otherwise your audience are just tweeting into the abyss. And they won’t bother responding next time.

5. Gurus, jedis and knights need not apply

Having worked in social media for over 7 years now I have seen the development of the industry, the introduction of many platforms and the amazingly creative way in which some social media bods have progressed. But I still can’t get excuse the self appointed titles! Social media jedi will always be a huge cliché. #sorrynotsorry

What social media clichés make you click away?

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