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Black Friday-proof your Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

The most popular shopping days of the year are heading their way, and fast! Now is the time you should be working with publishers and making sure your campaigns are bulletproof and truly irresistible to shoppers looking for the best deals.

With less than two months to go, our Affiliate Marketing experts, Kyle Liddle and Sarah-Jayne Freeman, give you the low-down on making Black Friday weekend 2017 your best yet!

Don’t delay!

Customers are beginning their festive shopping earlier and earlier each year, with Google reporting that 48% of customers completed the majority of their Christmas shopping in 2016 BEFORE the Black Friday weekend. So delaying launching promotions during a time when consumers are actively looking to spend could be critical in rendering your Black Friday targets completely unattainable. Running engaging campaigns in the build up to the Cyber Weekend is a key way of ensuring your brand has the best possible chance of being at the forefront of customers minds throughout the weekend and beyond.

The Five P’s (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance)

Retailers aren’t the only ones at their busiest throughout the Cyber Weekend, so are publishers. expecting to plan collaborative campaigns in the last days before the weekend is an incredibly risky strategy, and one that is likely to leave your brand out in the cold, whilst competitors reap the benefits of additional exposure. It’s therefore important that you utilise your relationships with publishers and book your exposure in early.

Get creative

Throughout such a saturated period in the world of retail, finding each and every way to stand out from your competitors is a key way of enticing custom (and potentially stealing competitor’s customers too!). Ensuring your creatives stand out against the websites they are being advertised on, through the use of bold imagery, colours and an attractive call to action, is a crucial way of catching a customer’s attention.

Meet (and exceed) customers’ expectations

Black Friday is built on the premise of giving customers deals, and all customers love to feel they have secured themselves a bargain. Customers will expect your brand to be offering significant savings throughout the Black Friday period, and if your promotions don’t meet your customer’s’ expectations, they may well take their custom elsewhere. So make your promotions irresistible!

Reward your publishers

With the market arguably at it’s most competitive period, publishers will be working with many brands on a multitude of different campaigns. Commission increases and bonus payments in exchange for great performance are a key way of making your publishers feel rewarded, and provide a further incentive to further promote.

Don’t forget mobile

As mentioned in our previous Cyber Weekend blog post, ChannelAdvisor reported that 64% of purchases took place on a mobile, so ensuring your campaigns are fully cross-device is imperative in ensuring your brand reaches it’s maximum potential customer reach. Optimise on site conversion tools to ensure they look great on a smartphone, utilise push notifications and snap up exposure offered through publishers’ apps.

Message reinforcement

All of your marketing throughout the Cyber Weekend should be consistent. Ensuring all marketing channels are working in tandem, promoting the same, attractive offers, is a crucial way of ensuring customers know exactly what they will be getting from shopping with your brand throughout this period. Promoting mixed messages is an easy way to cause confusion to a customer, which may subsequently offer them a reason to shop elsewhere!

Still stuck?

We know there are endless to-do lists and blog posts aimed at what you can do to make Black Friday/Cyber Weekend a success, but sometimes putting this advice into action can be a stretch when you’re already pushed for time.

So why not let us help you with that?

If you want to discuss Affiliate Campaign Management with Visualsoft Affiliates, contact our team on 01642 955 171. We have the technology, expertise and robust account management to catapult your affiliate performance over the next quarter and beyond, so if that sounds good to you, we’d love to chat to you.

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