Becky Lawson

Are 76% of retailers missing a trick with mCommerce?

With a number of Visualsoft clients adapting to changing consumer habits and moving on to the relatively new world of mCommerce platforms, many high street retailers would be expected do the same in order to keep up with customer demand and advances in technology. However, it has been reported that 76% of high street retailers still do not have a mobile site or mobile-optimised content.

Despite a recent survey carried out by YouGov, which concluded that 54% of consumers who used a smartphone would happy to purchase via mCommerce, the research, which was commissioned by 2ergo, highlighted that 54% of consumers who used a smartphone to browse the internet stated they would feel comfortable making a purchase via mCommerce.

However, it has been found that a large number of high street retailers still do not have a mobile site, or even mobile-optimised content, which would allow their eCommerce website to be viewed on a smartphone.

It was found that those retailers that do boast some sort of mCommerce platform, almost 20% do not have mCommerce capabilities and only a quarter are optimised for iPhone users.

Consumers are no longer just using a mobile device for browsing the web. An mCommerce platform provides a store in the palm of any consumer’s hand that is accessible 24 hours a day. In December 2010 ASOS processed £1 million through mobile sales alone, John Lewis reported a rise of 50% in traffic from mobile devices in the last 6 months and have also seen conversion rates rise by 20% since launching the mobile version of their website.

Research is regularly published which implies that mobile commerce is here to stay and fast becoming a market that retailers need to embrace. For more information about mCommerce and how your business can benefit from it, contact us today.

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