Emily Strachan

Affiliate Marketing News - UK Customers Want Discounts!

“85% of UK consumers want a discount when purchasing online or in-store.”

For today’s online shopper, it’s all about finding the best deals and discounts before making a purchase. Blue Yonder (a predictive analytics company) conducted a survey of 2,000 shoppers to gauge whether or not discounts ranked highly on a customer’s radar. While 85% of customers openly stated that they want a discount when making a purchase, around 4 in 10 actually used discounts in the final purchase. This gap between demand and supply can be attributed to the availability of discounts on certain product sectors (such as electronics).

Consumers stated they were confident that shopping online would net them around a 20% saving over bricks-and-mortar purchases on the highstreet. This figure was even higher for tech-savvy 16-34 year olds.

Overall, the data gathered from the survey shows that consumers are still lead by the desire to find a discount when purchasing online and they are becoming more and more savvy in the methods used to attain them (price comparison, voucher sites, mobile apps, cashback and even bartering in-store).

It seems that the new standard in consumers shopping habits is “what am I willing to pay”. Do you agree?

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