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5 Tips to Creating Effective Web Promotions

Driving traffic to your site is just the beginning of the struggle for online marketers; keeping them there and encouraging them to dig a little deeper is a lot more difficult to achieve. So, we caught up with one of our Senior Designers, Aaron Moody, who gave us a little insight into his top tips to creating effective web promotions.

1. Clear call to actions
Every banner should have a call to action button (such as Buy now, Find out more, Click Here) and this needs to effectively direct users to take a desired action. It’s important CTAs are simple and clear, and using (tasteful) contrasting colours can help draw the attention of your users.

Website home page with blue and orange design, selling doors

2. In a nutshell
Keep it short and sweet. Users have a short attention span, so they need to know what your banner is promoting straight away. Too much text can be instantly off putting so a simple and effective message should be used to encourage them to find out more.

Website pomoting a haircare product

3. Value proposition
The primary focal point of your banner should be the value proposition, whether this is a special offer or discounted price. We all love a good bargain, so this should be the first thing that draws a visitor’s attention and promise them value from your product or service offering.

Website promoting a sale with a black and gold banner

4. Strong photography
Lifestyle photography presenting your product in a real-life scenario or using stock photography to project a certain look and feel is much more effective than an isolated product shot on a plain background. A good source for royalty free stock photos is www.unsplash.com

Website selling jewellery

5. Hierarchy
Make sure that your store’s key selling points are prominent and positioned in key promo slots. Having your banners “above the fold” is important, however, most sites are now responsive and “the fold” is not as fixed as it once was.

Website selling skateboards

Effective webpage promotions that present value are crucial and more significant than you may realise when it comes to how visitors initially judge your company. All in all, simplicity and clarity is key, and keeping these useful tips in mind will help to go a long way.

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