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5 Paid Search Updates You Need To Be Aware Of…

In the incredibly fast-paced Paid Search industry, marketers have to continuously adapt and innovate, in order to see their accounts grow. We caught up with our PPC pro, Bethany Rochester, to discuss 5 recent updates that you can’t ignore…

Google’s New Shopping Insights:

For anyone with US accounts, Google’s latest Shopping Insights update is not to be overlooked!

Google recently released a new version of their Shopping Insights tool which helps uncover which products and brands are popular, trending up or down and how these insights vary by region. You can look into product search trends in several categories, including clothing, electronic goods and beauty products. This updated tool was created when Google discovered that 84% of American shoppers were shopping in up to 6 different categories in any 48-hour period (Google Ads Blog).

In addition to more data, the new version not only gives you the opportunity to compare brand popularity against other competitors, but you can also uncover brand popularity over time. This permits you to analyse which brands or products were popular during Q4 last year, allowing you to adjust strategies accordingly and be extra prepared for what is to come!

You can also create up to 10 personalised reports, to look at weekly and monthly trends for the products you want to follow, so that you don’t risk missing out on current or upcoming trends!

Google Ads Report Editor Gets 2 New Reports:

Google is adding two new landing page reports to their Report Editor. You will soon find ‘Landing Page’ and ‘Expanded Landing Page’ reports under the basic list of predefined reports. The Landing Page report is an update of the final URL report and will include three new columns for Mobile speed score, Mobile-friendly click rate and Valid AMP click rate, while the new Expanded Landing Page Report shows the URLs each user reaches.

Bing Ads Update On Reporting Conversions:

Bing Ads has announced that the company are changing when conversions are being reported as having occurred. Conversions are now going to be reported when a user has clicked on an ad that has led to a conversion, rather than at the day and time when the conversion was completed.

Similarly, assists will be reported based on when a user clicked on an ad that contributed to a conversion.

This will finally bring Bing Ads in line with the way Google Ads reports on conversions!

TV Screen Device Type:

Google have also recently launched the TV screens device type, making it easier to find audiences while they are watching YouTube on TV. You will be able to target devices that stream TV content such as gaming consoles, Chromecast and Smart TVs.

You can tailor your campaigns for any connected TVs, for example by setting specific device bid adjustments and you will also be able to see reporting for these ads, to help determine if they are indeed helpful within your overall mix.

Google Ads Announces Store Visits Updates And New Click-To-Message Ad Features:

Finally, Google will be rolling out email forwarding and automatic reply in the next few weeks ahead of the festive season, alongside new reporting details for message extensions.

As a result of the email forwarding update, texts that users send from click-to-message ads can be delivered via email, meaning that phone numbers will no longer be a necessity for message extensions. Advertisers will also be able to send automatic replies to users! In addition, message reporting will soon include message conversions, which will be defined by the number of communications it typically takes for a user to complete their intended conversion.

Store visits tools are also being rolled out, which means smart bidding and data-driven attribution will be available to all advertisers with access to store visits data in their accounts.

Store visits are now out of beta in Google analytics and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks, which means that we will be able to measure the offline impact of other digital channels beyond Google Ads.

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