Becky Lawson

45% of consumers prefer shopping online for fashion

New research has been published this week which shows that 45% of consumers prefer to shop online for fashion good and accessories.

Almost half of the 2000 customers surveyed said that they prefer to spend their cash online for fashion rather than offline on the high street, while 64% resort to fashion sites before purchasing.

The survey, conducted by GSI Commerce, highlights how important the web has become for fashion shoppers, and shows how vital it is for retailers to use the multichannel approach.

It was also found that mass amounts of consumers are switching between channels when shopping for fashion, and using websites as a shop window, suggesting that even those who still choose to shop on the high street, go online first to carry out research. It revealed that women are more likely to browse products online then go out and purchase them offline, with 71% of women doing this compared to 52% of men.

The stats show how important multichannel retailing is for a business, and it was shown in the results that the tools on an eCommerce website can make a big difference to a consumers shopping habits. Effective filters on fashion sites proved to be a popular feature among those surveyed, with 55% of respondents stating that being able to specify colour and size makes them more like to buy from a website.

It also shows the importance of images and products available, with 50% appreciate being able to rotate and zoom the photos, and reviews were stated to be important for 46% of those that participated. With these figures conforming to other research published, it has been highlighted even more that eCommerce is a huge part of any business

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