Becky Lawson

40% of teens embracing eCommerce

Research has revealed that two fifths of the younger generation aged from 18 to 25 purchase products through shopping online in the UK.

Conducted by, over 1500 people within this age group were involved in this study. Not surprising that 9 out of 10 respondents said that they use the internet at least once a day to browse or buy from eCommerce websites.

While eCommerce appears to be popular with the under 25’s, social networking sites are proving to be the biggest hit for the web. 60% of young people also said that they use the web to help with their studies at university or school, while 33% were reported to access the internet for online banking facilities.

Spokesperson Mark Pearson said that even he was surprised by the sheer percentage of young people in the UK who are going on the internet regularly over 24 hours.

Obviously this will be seen as another major challenge for retailers who operate the stores on the high street, with young adults preferring to turn to laptops or mobiles to research products and buy them at the cheapest price possible.

The impact of social media was highlighted throughout this study, implying that the future off it maybe become a daily routine of life for a high number of the population. This should entice more and more companies to relay on sites like Twitter and Facebook as a form of advertising.

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