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3 key reasons to enhance your onsite UX with visual search

The world of search is constantly expanding and improving drive up conversion rate, or to meet consumer requirements. The rise of visual search in eCommerce is largely driven by customer demand - we’re motivated by a constant desire to improve. We want new ideas, new products and new ideas (and we want them now!)

Many consumers who have perhaps never signed up for social media or shopped online prior to lockdown have taken to the web to establish digital connections with families they are separated from or to purchase their weekly essentials. Not only this, but consumers are more frequently browsing the internet and treating themselves to curb boredom, so there really has never been a better time to enhance your eCommerce website.

Visual search allows customers to take photos of a product they are interested in, and upload this to a website to find an exact or similar match. Recent research carried out by Gartner reported that retailers who integrate visual and voice search are expected to see a 30% increase in eCommerce revenue by 2021.

Visual search can impact consumers’ purchase decisions at a number of different touchpoints throughout the conversion funnel. Here are our three key reasons to enhance your onsite user experience with visual search:

Visual search enhances product discovery for your consumers

Thanks to influencer marketing, shoppers are regularly on the lookout for more pocket-friendly versions of the styles their favourite celebrities or Instagram influencers are sporting that week. By allowing users to search with images for an exact match product, or an item very similar, your consumer is more likely to be satisfied with the product selection provided.

Visual search also makes product recommendations far easier, with the results based on actual similarity rather than the quality of the user’s keyword search, helping to deliver more accurate results where text search may fail. Retailers who utilise visual search may also witness a decrease in cart abandon rate, if the technology is used to offer an alternative to products out of stock.

Visual search helps sell to customers that have already made their decision

Consumers who shop using visual search have already made their mind up about what they want to purchase, and are providing you with valuable insight into current trends and consumer desires by showing you exactly what they’re looking for. Through utilising visual search on your website, you are able to deliver options to your consumers that are exactly what they are looking for, or a close alternative that they could be swayed by, if the price is right.

Visual search can also help to create connections with new (and current!) customers. Through making the search process easier for the consumer and by making the exact or close match products they are served in response to their search more compelling and tailored, this positive experience helps your consumer form emotional connections and memorable on-site experiences, meaning they’re more likely to return time and time again as a lifetime customer.

Visual search helps to shorten the conversion journey

Visual search cuts down on the number of steps it takes for consumers to find what they are looking for, helping to improve conversion rate for the retailer. By eliminating the need for the consumer to have to think about the right keyword phrases or browse through hundreds of results, the likelihood of purchase increases as there is less friction along the conversion path.

Our in-house UX Optimisation team have reviewed what your customers have already experienced in this area, in conjunction with providers like Google. The analysis of an expected customer journey with industry leaders has enabled the UX Optimisation team to build an image search user experience that feels natural and familiar to your customers, and of course, the results provided to your shoppers are displayed in a layout they are familiar with already, to ensure that the current customer’s journey is not impacted.

Visualsoft image search works by using your product images to train an AI Computer Vision model, powered by Google, that can recognise the unique features of your stock. Once the training is complete, your customers can use the image search button from the search bar on your website.

Currently, we fully support the Home Goods and Fashion sectors, but we are constantly optimising and improving, so, if you are an existing client but don’t work in one of these industries, simply get in touch with your eCommerce Strategist who will advise and analyse how we can make this feature work for you.

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