Take your email marketing higher: 5 quick wins

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Email remains one of the most affordable, effective, and engaging ways to reach and retain both prospects and existing customers. Although it may seem as though your email marketing strategy has plateaued, there is always room for improvement, and that’s where we can help. Our Email team have provided some simple tips on how to optimise your email campaigns further.
  1. Review designs
    Your brand identity should be clearly presented throughout all aspects of your business, even your emails. Do your email designs reflect your current branding? Or have you recently rebranded? The consistency of your email look will help build your brand as well as create a sense of familiarity and professionalism that can be linked to your business. Your subscribers should be able to identify your business straight away, solely from the design of your email marketing.
  2. Segmentation
    Don’t overlook the power of segmenting your mailing list. This approach to your email marketing strategy is the best way to optimise campaigns to their full potential; increasing open rates, click-throughs, sales, and ultimately, revenue. How? Well, you are effectively narrowing the focus of your email campaigns, and tailoring messages to customer preferences, location, past activity, and those at different stages of the buying cycle. Sending the right content to the right people increases engagement and the value of your message as you are connecting with subscribers on a more personal level. According to Campaign Monitor, marketers seen a 760% increase in revenue from segmented email campaigns.
  3. Optimised for mobile
    Subscribers can be ruthless when it comes to keeping their inbox clean and 80% will delete an email if it doesn’t look impressive on mobile. With around 70% of emails now opened on mobile, responsive email designs are more important than ever before. It’s also a great chance to get ahead of competitors as Equinux found that around 89% of email marketing campaigns are not mobile-friendly!
  4. Subject line testing
    You only get one shot at making a great first impression. Especially when it comes to your email subject lines. Over a third of email subscribers will decide whether or not to open an email based on this element alone. A/B testing your subject lines will identify what differences impact performance and will help you understand your subscribers and their preferences. As well as testing which keywords and phrases are working best for you, you can also A/B test to see if the length of your subject lines have any impact on open rates. By discovering what works for you, this will ultimately improve the performance of future campaigns.
  5. Spring clean your mailing list
    Inactive subscribers will have a negative impact on your open rates, and, in the long run, will impact deliverability and threaten your chances of reaching the inbox of those who remain engaged. Using re-engagement campaigns as part of your email marketing strategy is a great way to regain their interest or, alternatively, give them the option to opt out completely. These campaigns are an effective way to get subscribers to rediscover their interest in your brand and will increase their chance of opening subsequent emails.

And it shouldn’t end there. Test, learn, improve, and repeat. Visualsoft’s next launch will include features that enable A/B split testing of two alternative elements of a campaign, with the winning version automatically sent to subscribers, as well as new and improved reporting on individual campaigns and preference forms to customise your subscribers journey.

To learn more about how you can optimise email performance through design, segmentation, testing and customer engagement, get in touch.