Email Marketing: 6 Considerations To Make Right Now!

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Email Marketing is on fire right now, with consumers receiving emails relating to store closures, delays to deliveries and personal messages from a brand's CEO. With this in mind, we’re here to help you ensure your email marketing is highlighting the right messages at the right time, with all of the emails you send, not just those relating to COVID-19.

Our Head of Email Marketing, Christie Woodhouse, has kindly provided 6 key questions brands should be asking themselves to ensure that stay on top of their game...

  1. Are your automated emails still relevant?
    An automated email is the first email a subscriber will receive from your brand so it’s important that these have been checked over, to ensure the messaging is still relevant. For example, within the retail industry, automated email may be worded along the lines of ‘Get party-ready’, but right now, people aren’t allowed to be in groups attending parties, so this is displaying the complete wrong messaging.

  2. Do your emails promote visiting the store?
    As only essential stores are allowed to stay open (pharmacies, supermarkets etc) emails should not be encouraging store visits, so it’s important that you remove any map locators directing people to the store, alongside any ‘click and collect’ options for delivery.

  3. Are your emails informative?
    You may have sent a specific COVID-19 email to your database, but are you actively keeping your subscribers up to date? It’s important that you include banners to all emails which are being sent (both on our automated and generic emails) to remind subscribers about operational and delivery changes. This helps to not only keep your audience up to date but also helps to be informative to those new subscribers signing up, who may not have received the initial COVID-19 email. If your operations haven’t been affected too much, shout about that too and remind people of your key USPs which may include free delivery or Klarna.

  4. Have you updated your transactional emails?
    Your transactional emails are sent to customers relating to their order, so if delivery is affected, inform the customer within the order confirmation email to set their expectations.

  5. Keep up to date.
    When you’re up to date with the fast-changing situation you can become a lot more reactive, keeping your key messaging relevant. Be sensitive to your audience and put yourself in their shoes - would you be happy receiving the messaging you’re about to send out?

  6. Key messaging, directly in subscribers hands.
    If you have an SMS contact list, utilise this alongside your email marketing. Remember, don’t send too many text messages but if you send the right key messages at the right time, they’re guaranteed to be seen by your audience.

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