New Year, New Site: leave security worries behind in 2020

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Stop scrolling through SERPS for platform security guides and ‘risk reduction 101’ articles, and start investing in scaling your stock and your strategy for success.

More consumers have adopted eCommerce than ever before in 2020, and we have seen record-breaking eCommerce spend throughout the course of the year - meaning that eCommerce retailers have been working at a million miles an hour to process orders and keep consumers happy.

While this is incredible news, with the increase in eCommerce users, there has also been an increase seen in reports of cybercrime; for the most part, opportunists making the most of people working virtually and spending more time online.

What should you be considering as we head into 2021?

As an established retailer, you should be operating on an established enterprise eCommerce platform that can handle complex tasks such as: handling and managing incredibly large product catalogues and processing huge volumes of orders, processing multiple currencies and serving content in a number of different languages.

If your provider is nearing or has reached ‘end of life’, you then become personally responsible for protecting your website from DDOS attacks, site skimming, SQL injection attacks, ransomware attacks, and more. You also run the risk of loss PCI DSS compliance and compatibility with third party integrations which can lead to inconsistent site performance.

Instead of investing time researching security checklists and spending budget instructing developers, focusing your time and resources on maintaining 2020’s incredible growth trajectory through amplifying your strategy will prove a far more valuable plan of action.

An enterprise level eCommerce platform should manage security updates on your behalf, freeing up your time and resources to focus on business growth.

At Visualsoft, we manage all security updates for you, including:

  • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance
    The platform meets the most robust operational and technical requirements established for data and payment protection.

  • The application of SSL/TLS
    All websites operating from the Visualsoft platform have SSL and TLS applied, meaning data passed between the server and browsers is encrypted and remains private.

  • Security updates
    Leave security stress in 2020 as managed eCommerce servers and hosting at Visualsoft includes but is not limited to software upgrades and patching, updates to core systems and additional features added to core.

  • Continuous penetration testing
    Weekly penetration testing is carried out on our eCommerce platform to ensure that we are as secure as we can be and continually improve on our robust security measures.

  • Private cloud-based infrastructures
    All servers, storage and supporting infrastructure is dedicated to our eCommerce platform and never shared, improving data privacy and reducing risks of data access issues.

  • Firewall protection
    A redundant pair of dedicated firewalls ensure that our entire system is protected, preventing malicious attacks from entering the computer network.

  • Automatic hardware and network connection failover
    Our platform utlises automatic hardware failover, ensuring that if a machine happens to fail, any website sitting on that server will automatically and immediately migrate to another working server.

  • UK based project and account managers
    You are provided with access to UK based project and account managers from day one, who are on hand to assist with your build and ongoing management of your website and marketing channels.

  • UK based support team
    Our full Visualsoft support team is UK based, and can be accessed at any time via our support system and via phone between 8am and 8pm.

Want to find out more about how Visualsoft could help you?

Give us a call on 01642 633604 or simply fill out the form and one of our specialists will be in touch.