Put your best foot forward: replatforming for Spring/Summer 21

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Step forward towards success with Visualsoft’s platform built for optimum growth

Last year, it was predicted that the fashion and footwear would be the hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, but we’re ecstatic to report that this has not been the case for Visualsoft footwear clients - who have truly stomped all over those original predictions.

Here’s why footwear clients have seen incredible success with Optimum and the Visualsoft platform throughout unprecedented time periods.

Firstly, it goes without saying that strategic pivots and our client’s reactions to certain events throughout the year have had incredible impact on their success; it has been incredibly rewarding to watch the collaborative efforts of our clients and eCommerce strategists.

Integrations with multiple payment gateways and finance options:

Tap into the benefits from over 20 payment integrations meaning you can ensure your shoppers payment preferences are met. Providing the flexible financial options for consumers to split their payments over a couple of sessions will also encourage an increase in average order value, and, in some cases, could be the difference between a purchase or not.

To further increase average order value, tap into features such as cross selling product display, product page product upselling, upselling recommendations and visual merchandising will help to ramp up your shoppers’ spend and keep them coming back for more insight.

Subscription services also allow retailers to ensure they receive a certain level of cash flow each month and make the purchase process far easier for the customer as the process is automated.

Acquisition tools and strategies:

Focus on enhancing your acquisition tools with the Visualsoft platform. Tap into insights from our in-house SEO, social media and paid search teams who will act as an extension of your own marketing team, who are just as driven towards your success. Additionally, adorn your website with acquisition features such as competition modules, introduce a friend and Salesfire overlay solutions.

Retention tools and strategies

Now you’ve welcomed your new customers, you need to keep them coming back time and time again. Our email marketing team will help communicate your USPs and you can also tap into additional success with the use of features such as gift vouchers, loyalty schemes and reward points, subscription services, SMS text messaging and deal of the day modules.

Customer confidence

Assure your customers with a full SSL application (applied by our experts). On top of this, enhance the sense of security with the addition of customer reviews and live chat to guarantee top notch customer service.

Customer experience

Replicate the in-store experience on your eCommerce store, as closely as possible - we like what we can trust, and we won’t buy from what we don’t! The inclusion of website features such as 360 degree product images, product videos, augmented reality, add to wishlist, product customisation, gift wrap services and outfit/ kit bundles.

A strong search functionality also will enhance the customer experience. Swift search, now live on Visualsoft, quickly shows customers exactly what they are looking for - providing lightning fast results and quick loading listings. Image search also allows customers to search for the exact item they’re looking for - they can see something they love, snap it and find it on your store using the latest Image Search.

EPOS Management Integrations

By partnering with Visualsoft, you have the choice of 28 EPOS integrations - meaning whatever your requirements, we’ll have something to suit you.

International Markets

Want to expand into international markets? Look no further - we’ve got a plethora of international features and industry specialists that will help you on your way to global domination.

Multi Channel

On top of international expansion, by partnering with Visualsoft you are able to tap into the insights of our in-house Multi Channel team, along with the benefits of our very own Multi Channel software.

Order Processing

Integrate with all your favourite couriers. At Visualsoft, you have access to 16 separate couriers - and multiple warehousing solutions to maximise your output and efficiency within the warehouse.

Reporting and analytics

Visualsoft’s latest release, Optimum, allows you to tap into better benchmarking - you can now get a handy indication of how your store is performing by comparing your store’s order volume against the average number for your sector, as well as the wider platform’s average. On top of this, you also have access to the standard reporting and analytics, such as customer referral report, discount usage report, hosting bandwidth report, order breakdown report, order product breakdown report, product data summary reporting and product stock level reporting - what more could you need?

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