Our Top Tips to a Successful Valentines Strategy

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We’re sharing the love this Valentine's Day, and giving you some great tips for the season of adoration and helping you understand why it’s so important to know the sales patterns within your niche.

For some retailers, Valentines is their peak period of the year and so it’s essential for their eCommerce strategy to be looking it’s best ready to convert customers.

7 Campaign Conversion Tips

Whether your customers are loved up or enjoying their independence, spending around this time generally increases, and so we believe the following tips are a great way to take advantage of the rise in consumer’s spending activity.

Countdown Timers

Sometimes all your consumer needs to make a purchase is that little push in the right direction. Using countdown timers in your strategy is an effective method of adding a small sense of urgency. Timers will come in particularly handy to those last minute Valentines shoppers which as an example could tell them when free next day delivery ends.

Trending Products

As a retailer, you need to find a way to make your shoppers want what you’re selling. A consumer's indecisiveness can often be a barrier to completing a purchase from you. So, why not show them how many other shoppers are looking at the same product, creating the feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out). Adding the number of people viewed/bought the item to a page can instil a really effective sense of instancy, especially since Valentines is such a short sales event.

Cart & Browse Abandonment Reminder

It's no secret that there are a lot of people in love with their phones, some could even be described as digital addicts, so why not use this as an opportunity!

SMS marketing, when used appropriately, is a great tool. It’s quick, direct and 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered. Impressive, isn't it? So if you can achieve these kinds of stats it means more conversions at a quicker rate. Who doesn’t want that?

Reconnect with your visitors by sending a browse or cart abandonment SMS showing the items they have viewed as well as suggesting other items or even offering a discount . Bringing them back using this method can see your conversion rate skyrocket.

Up & Cross-Sell

Including some dynamic content to your checkout process like relevant product recommendations, can help encourage and tempt your shoppers to add in an extra product. Valentine's Day is the perfect period to trial up and cross-selling since small, one off gifts like chocolate and balloons are in much higher demand.

To wrap up this love story…

It's a time of year where shoppers are on the lookout to spend, which shouldn’t be taken for granted after January is usually one of the quieter months in sales for a lot of online retailers.

Get ready for shoppers to fall head over heels and create the ultimate love-story following our 7 top tips to a successful Valentine’s campaign.