Home and garden retailers sprout new growth with Visualsoft platform and Optimum solution.

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Optimum is faster, more intelligent and exceptional eCommerce. Optimum is why our retailers are seeing triple digit growth.

Throughout 2020, we were delighted to see our home, garden and trees sector clients achieve a whopping daily average increase of approximately 181%.

In part, the nationwide stay at home order has helped boost sales for the garden, plants and trees sector. With regular recreation establishments shut down, people reviewed their home and garden set ups with a view to reinvest their newfound time into a new hobby or giving the garden a spruce up.

However, our impressive clients also quickly reacted to the global change in situation and updated strategies accordingly to achieve optimum growth. Alongside this, many retailers tapped into the benefits and features that Optimum by Visualsoft Commerce offer, just a few of which are below...

Quote builder

Quote builders allow regular or wholesale customers to add products to a quote list to submit to request a cost. Registered website users can also save quote lists for future reference, as well as email quote lists to colleagues or contacts to enable them to view the products online for purchase consideration.

Trade accounts and B2B Trade screens

Retailers can offer trade-specific prices and products directly to wholesale customers - trade accounts and screens allows merchants to create customer groups that are linked to trade discounts or price lists, assign an account manager to groups or particular customers, control what trade and non trade customers see and how they see it, apply trade discounts at product, brand or department level, apply fixed price lists for specific products to groups of customers, and assign a specific shipping courier to the customer group.

You can also enable customers to select a trade view of products on your department pages, which will display products in a list format with options to add single or multiple quantities of each item to their basket, showing the the accumulative cost of products where multiples are selected.

VAT Check - VAT Exemption/ VAT Toggle

Allow your customers to claim VAT relief on applicable products during the checkout process and mark products as applicable for VAT relief at a child level within your store's admin system.

As part of the process, customers will be required to complete a VAT relief claim form for each relevant order, confirming that they're eligible for VAT relief (or ordering on behalf of someone who is eligible), and the relative VAT amount will be removed from the order total before the order is complete. You can also give site users the choice to view product prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT, via clickable options located near the shopping basket icon on all store pages.

Additionally, the latest release, Optimum by Visualsoft Commerce, brings retailers additional benefits such as:

Admin enhancements

Receive a handy indication of how your store is performing by comparing your store’s order volume against the average number for your sector, as well as the wider platform’s average.

Automated engagement

We’ve enabled it so you can send the right messages at the right time by creating multiple series of emails that are automatically sent to shoppers within specified timeframes and in response to trigger actions, along with releasing the SMS integration. You can send communications en masse to registered customers and with the URL Shortener and easily add in links to specific store pages too.

Swift Search

To deliver the best experience possible, we’ve rebuilt our search solution so it’s up to three times faster than before, returning quick and accurate results to your shoppers within milliseconds. We’ve also enabled image search, so your customers can see something; love it, snap it and then find it on your store. It’s that easy.

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