Enhancing templates and advancing segmentation to increase revenue attributed to email marketing

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Head of Email Marketing at Visualsoft, Christie Woodhouse, spills all on what it takes to truly ramp up your email marketing in a world that is now more digital than ever before.

Design. Build. Send. Report.

We’re all familiar with the process of sending an email and the time that goes into making the email on brand and aesthetically pleasing. The hours spent thinking up the right content for your audience. The time you spend looking over the report wondering why it hasn’t performed as well as you thought it would. We’ve all been there.

We’ve all been there until we’ve changed a part of the process we’re used to, and sometimes a part of that process is going back to the beginning and looking at each individual step, so, that’s just what we’ll do…

What do your emails say about you?

First impressions matter.

Are your email templates on brand with your website? Are they responsive to mobile devices? Do they include lifestyle imagery? Are they easy on the eye? Do they flow well making people want to read the content? Do they feature relevant information such as Trustpilot reviews, delivery information and customer service details? The list is endless!

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of brands make is not utilising alt text but for those with visual impairments, the alt text becomes your brand voice. What do your emails sound like if you were to read them out using just the alt text? If you don’t know or haven’t given it a go, it’s something worth doing.

Segmentation is key

Who are you currently sending to? If you’re still sending one email to everyone, that could be where you’re going wrong. Not every single person in your audience is the same and therefore your emails shouldn’t be either. It’s important that you know your audience and by that we don’t just mean having their name and email address inputted into a field. Do you know what they’re actually interested in? Do you know the last thing they bought or what their favourite brands are? If not, this is your starting point.

Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to sit and create a spreadsheet to fill out manually, the mailing list functionality within the Visualsoft platform will take care of it for you. All you need to do is set the initial criteria and the tech will take care of the rest.

Having the ability to know this information allows you to send targeted and relevant emails to your audience, so the next time you get a new brand on site, you can send an email along the lines of ‘we know you’ll love this because it’s so similar to…’, which will instantly engage with your audience.

It’s also just as important to segment based on a subscribers preferences. Knowing what a subscriber actually wants to hear about can be your saving grace. A lot of brands will just push messaging which they think people want to hear about, but actually having that information directly from your audience allows you to build a stronger relationship with them - taking their wants and needs into account will put you one foot in front of your competitors.

Use data driven decisions

A key point to consider is how well you know your audience from a data point of view. Do you know which subject lines will make them open an email or what CTA colour will make them click through to your site? If you don’t, this is something to work on.

Testing is key when it comes to the success of your email campaigns. Without being able to make data driven decisions you’re holding yourself back and putting your competitors in front.

Testing is so important and should be done regularly to know what works well and what not so well with your audience. The last thing you want to do is constantly use subject lines with questions if your audience are more inclined to open when they see something short, snappy and direct. Without testing, you don’t know this information.

It goes without saying, but make sure you only run one test at a time to allow you to know which changes made your email over or under perform. It’s also so important to test regularly. Things change all of the time, so make sure you’re not using the results from a test you did two years ago as the chances are, they won’t be relevant anymore.

Take a step back

It’s so important that you sometimes take a step back and ask yourself ‘what are we trying to achieve here?’.

If you’re wanting to promote a sale or a new brand, is that visible at first glance of your email, or do people have to read the smaller print to find out what the email is about?

Is your email easy to read? Will your audience be able to understand the text you’re using or are you using difficult language? Remember, emails should be written so that a 12 year old can understand them.

Are your actions clear? Does your CTA say ‘explore’ when really you want them to shop? When writing your emails, you’re in control, so don’t be afraid to be a bit more direct with your audience.

All of the factors above play a big part in the success of your email marketing campaigns. The more relevant and optimised your email is, the quicker you will see an improvement to your key email metrics, specifically in relation to your open, click through and conversion rate. In turn, you can expect to see an improvement to your revenue.

The metrics and revenue aren’t the only things you will see improve; you will also see better growth within your database. You will see this growth based on your retention improving as a direct result of your emails being more relevant. The more relevant campaigns are, the less inclined people are to unsubscribe. That said, the next time you send an email, you’ll be targeting more people which in turn will see more conversions.

If there’s something from the above that you’re not already doing, there’s probably a good reason for it. Whether it be down to time, resource or even knowledge, but that’s where the Visualsoft support team can jump in to lend a hand. We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your in-house team, or, if you need us to, can even take over the reigns completely. We're here to provide you with strategic knowledge and dig deep into your metrics, with the main aim being to optimise performance and revenue.

Sound good? On top of this, our email functionality is built directly into the admin, meaning there is no need to manually upload, move data or pull specific segments. All of that information is readily available at the touch of a button - and we are delighted to provide one of the easiest-to-use drag and drop email builders - meaning you can pull through live product feeds, add unique codes or even live countdown timers to your emails at lightening speed.

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