Email Marketing in 2020: Talk with your subscribers, not just at them

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Head of Email Marketing at Visualsoft, Christie Woodhouse, took to the keyboard to explain the importance of creating one on one relationships with your subscribers, especially throughout uncertain periods.

Consumers have changed over time (and considerably more so throughout COVID-19), and email marketing is now more important than it ever has been.

Over the course of this year, we’ve seen retailers sensitively address their audiences regarding COVID-19, or update consumers with regards to how they are maintaining social distancing in warehouses. These informative emails have been sent in volume from all brands; because of this consumers are now a lot more reliant and engaged with emails they receive and it is incredibly important to maintain this level of engagement.

Email marketing runs a lot deeper than purely sending a sales email to your entire database - it’s more about curating one-on-one relationships with your audience by creating highly personalised and relevant emails that will encourage them to interact.

One-on-one relationships cannot be created if your email marketing has a one sided approach; through encouraging interaction with your communications you begin to form a level of trust with your consumers. 72% of consumers will only engage with messages that are customized to their specific interests, so now is the time to up your email game!

Personalisation goes a lot further than adding somebody’s first name to the subject line of an email (although that in itself is a good way to encourage email opens!). By tailoring your entire email content with messaging that is relevant to the individual, taking into account the device they open on, taking the weather into account and the time of day they open, you are instantly adding more relevant information to the consumer and are providing reasons to fully engage with the content.

It’s so easy for emails to be outdated by the time in which they’re opened. Yes, the messaging may be right at the point in which you press send, but what about those who work shifts and can’t get to their inbox until hours later, or those people who get busy with everyday life? Will the messaging still be relevant or are they seeing a redundant email?

Dynamic content allows you to create highly personalised emails on an individual basis, meaning each subscriber is seeing a different email, tailored exclusively to them. It also helps to drive 20-30% increases in a customer's lifetime value too!

By pulling through somebody’s first name into the email, adding in a live social feed or utilising dynamic calls to actions, it helps to drive engagement and boost revenue, but to really increase your subscriber interaction, you need to introduce an element which allows for a two way conversation - that’s where dynamic polling comes into play.

Polls are a great way of gathering preference data from your audience, allowing you to optimise your future campaigns based on your findings. They can also help to shape your email strategy because if you’re asking your audience specific questions, you can use that information to ensure your email marketing is in line with their expectations, and naturally, engagement will increase.

Subscribers will see that as a brand you value their opinions and that they are seeing emails based not only on their preferences but on their opinions too, so the relationship between the brand and subscriber will instantly be strengthened.

If there’s only one thing that you take away from this blog, it’s that compelling emails will help to inspire engagement, develop relationships and connect people to the right products at the right time. At a time where email marketing becomes much more competitive than ever, it’s essential for your emails to be personalised to individuals in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Always question: how well do you actually know your audience?

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