eCommerce Replatforming - 10 key points you should consider

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If your current eCommerce platform isn’t meeting expectations, it might be time to move on. Replatforming your online store may seem like a major upheaval, however the right provider knows how to simplify the process and quickly deliver real return on investment, making it well worth the effort.

Based on decades of eCommerce experience, we’ve put together 10 key points you should consider when choosing a new platform:

1) Data Migration

It’s absolutely crucial that your product, customer and order information can be seamlessly, securely, and accurately moved across to your new store. Look for an eCommerce provider that offers proven migration processes and hands-on support to eliminate the risk of losing valuable data.

2) Critical Integrations

Most online retailers rely on a number of third parties to deliver its services - including couriers and EPOS systems - so make sure that your new platform is already connected with your key providers, or it has an accessible API so the integrations can be developed.

3) SEO Strategy

Even if your current store is under-performing, it’s risky to disregard its domain authority. Avoid losing SEO rankings, traffic and revenue by working with a platform provider with SEO expertise.

4) Additional Features

As well as checking that your business critical integrations are covered, make sure that your new platform offers a wide range of functionality that’s designed to convert browsers into buyers and has been tried and tested by successful retailers.

5) Service Disruption

Look for a provider that’s helped hundreds of other retailers to replatform so you and your customers can benefit from minimal disruption, particularly on your new store’s launch day.

6) Project Management

Replatforming an online store requires experienced project management. To reduce the resource and hours required from your business, choose an eCommerce provider that can manage much of the process for you.

7) Growth Readiness

Outgrowing a new platform shortly after you’ve moved over to it can be a costly mistake, so make sure your new eCommerce provider offers everything you need to reach new markets even if you’re not ready to expand just yet. Check for multiple marketplace integrations, international functionality, and multi-fascia solutions.

8) True Cost

When calculating the cost of switching platforms, consider the price of everything you’ll need to make the move - including store design, build, hosting, marketing, and data migration - and check for hidden fees.

9) System Training

Even the most intuitive platforms can take a little time to pick up so to hit the ground running, ensure that system training is readily available as and when you need it.

10) Ongoing Support

Replatforming is just the beginning of your store’s growth journey - choose a platform provider that will work in partnership with you to take your business to the next level.

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