Emily Strachan

E-Retail Performance Report 2018: The Site Speed Update

Back in November 2017, we launched our first E-Retail Performance Report looking into how effective the top 240 UK online retailers were at meeting customer needs and achieving their growth potential. Now, several months on, we are checking in, focusing specifically on an area of increasing importance for online retailers everywhere: Site Speed!

In an age where speed is paramount, we want to highlight the potential damage a slow site can cause even the leading online retailers, so that the wider industry can learn, adapt and positively impact their bottom line.

We reviewed the sites of the same previous 240 retailers, to provide a six-month update on our findings. Have any improved? Have any deteriorated?

To find out, CLICK HERE to download the full E-Retail Performance Report 2018 (UK Edition).


More importantly, how do you measure up? If you are falling behind in the site speed race talk to one of our eCommerce consultants today on 01642 918313 or by email to [email protected]

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