eCommerce Website Loading Speed Report

The 2018 E-Retail Performance Report from Visualsoft

Focusing specifically on an area of increasing importance for all online retailers: Site Speed!

Back in November 2017, we launched our first E-Retail Performance Report looking into how effective the top 240 UK online retailers were at meeting customer and achieving their growth potential. Now, several months on, we are checking in, focusing specifically on an area of increasing importance for online retailers everywhere: Site Speed!

In an age where speed is paramount, we want to highlight the potential damage a slow site can cause even the leading online retailers, so that the wider industry can learn, adapt and positively impact their bottom line.

We reviewed the sites of same previous 240 retailers, to provide a six-month update on our findings. Have any improved? Have any deteriorated?

If you're interested in receiving the E-Retail Performance Report 2018: The Site Speed Update, fill in the relevant information using the provided form and one of our experts will be in touch.

Our report will help you to:

  • Gain insight into why Site Speed has never been more prominent.
  • Find out how effective the UK's top retailers are at meeting their customers needs.
  • Uncover quick wins to ensure your site is up to scratch.

“The results we’ve seen since implementing a 360 marketing approach via Visualsoft’s Shared Success Enterprise+ service have more than exceeded our expectations. The Visualsoft team have been very understanding of our individual business requirements and worked hard to provide a strategy that is ideal for us.”

Rachel Clinkard
eCommerce Director, Charles Clinkard