Do you have an eCommerce platform that can increase your brand awareness?

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The last twelve months have witnessed exceptional online demand for retailers. A key challenge/opportunity moving forward is how to deliver the best customer experience and turn new customers into those who return time after time.

Watch the below video of Visualsoft Digital Director David Duke, who talks about how to ‘Increase Brand Awareness’:

Increase Brand Awareness

In the above video you will learn about;

  • Why Visualsoft’s eCommerce solution is able to help improve retailers’ brand awareness
  • The strong partnership Visualsoft has with Facebook, WhatsApp and Google, and what that means for you
  • The strategy of turning new online shoppers into ongoing customers
  • How Visualsoft can help rapidly growing > enterprise businesses
  • The challenges that lie ahead for both bricks and clicks retailers.

Find out more how Visualsoft’s eCommerce can help raise your brand awareness and drive sales from your marketing channels.
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