Gender Pay Report 2019/20


The information in this report is based on 2019/2020 bonus periods and 5th April snapshot date. The headcount at the time was 271 which was made up of 177 Males to 94 Females.

According to a survey conducted by Diversity in Tech 78% of organisations in the Tech sector admit they have a gender pay gap. Women earn up to 28% less than their male colleagues in the same tech roles. This data includes large tech organisations as well as smaller organisations. The data shows that the Tech sector has work to do in order to ensure the pay gap closes.

The report shows that we have some improvements to make and plans will be put in place to bridge these gaps.

Pay Quartiles

Gender Split by Quartile 2020
Gender Split by Quartile 2020
Pay quartiles show the percentage of male and female full-pay relevant employees in four equal sized groups of employees based on their hourly pay. From the figures you can see that the main affected area is the upper quartile which includes the Board and Senior Leadership Team. This quartile also includes our Sales teams due to their commission structure. However, all quartiles show there is disparity between gender pay.

Pay Data

Pay Data








↑ 10.16%

The gap has also widened for salary bands again mainly due to the above reasons. During the year in question two females left the business from our Sales team, which, thanks to commission, is a higher paid department, within the business making the team predominantly male. We also created a new Client Success department in July 2019, this also attracts commission and higher salaries. At the time of the snapshot these two departments are more heavily staffed by males.

Bonus/Commission Data

Bonus and commission is where we have seen the largest increase in pay gaps. The bonus/commission that we pay the sales department is the largest of all our teams. This team was all male at this snapshot date, this has since changed.


Within 2019/20 Visualsoft made changes to departmental structures and bonus schemes. This has impacted the Gender Pay Gap report initially in an adverse way however, we strongly believe that this will improve over time as the teams expand. The Board and Senior Leadership Teams skewed male at the time of the snapshot. However, as part of our commitment to making improvements new succession plans are in place. Visualsoft has and is going through a period of rapid change. We are expanding due to investment which took place in the latter part of 2021 and this will impact this reporting in the future.

Recommendations and Action Plan

We are committed to improving our gender pay gap and ensuring equal opportunities for all. To that end we have identified actions:

✓Succession planning

✓Development programmes for Technical skills and Management and Leadership skills


✓Recruitment process review

We will continue to research ways in which we can improve. We will strive to gain insight from other organisations on how they have closed their gaps and we will seek the opinions and advice of our valued staff.

Message from the CEO

Although at Visualsoft we have seen an increase in our Gender Pay Gaps for 2020 we were already aware that we had work to do to improve this position and we have been committed to making these improvements. We will do this through succession planning, reviewing our recruitment processes, updating our policies and through training and job design. We strongly believe in rewarding our employees for the work they do and ensuring we treat our employees equally. Improvements in this regard remain a top priority for me and the business as a whole.